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Rebel Snipers are counter-infantry units in Halo Wars.


Rebel Snipers are normally seen protecting Neutral Rebel bases. They are in teams of two and often have one star veteran levels. Equipped with Sniper rifles, they can take out any infantry unit very quickly, even Spartans. However, they are not so effective against large groups of infantry or anything more powerful, like a warthog or tank.

They are also seen protecting garrisoned bonuses, sniper towers, etc. They give cover fire for standard Rebel Infantry.

They appear to be the rough equivalent of Jackal and Flamethrower units.

Strategies Edit

Early in the game, it is beneficial to take out groups of Rebels for the supply crates that they carry. If you are using infantry yourself to fight them, then upgrade some of their features, or bring some vehicle and/or air units along with them.

Also, in addition to upgrading marine features, using large groups of Marines could help take out these infantry- killing threats. Take into consideration that the snipers pause to acquire new targets, use this opportunity to use your main infantry's special ability to take out the snipers for good. Make sure all your units are not focusing on just the snipers by micro managing units to attack the snipers while others attack Rebel squads, capture structures, or destroy Rebel base turrets.

Air units are also effective at taking out these Rebel snipers. Take a group of Hornets along to assist your ground forces with the Rebel threats. Scorpions with the Canister Shell upgrade are very effective in taking out out these snipers. Occasionally, one Canister shot from a single Scorpion is capable of killing both snipers at once.

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