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The Recon Pilot is a special type of Promethean Soldier.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Recon Pilot appears on Battle of Noctus where he pilots a Z-1800 Phaeton, spawning above the South Garage at the 16 minute mark; he is the second to last boss to spawn in an entire match of Warzone on Battle of Noctus. Killing him is worth 25 points.

The Recon Pilot also appears in certain Warzone Firefight simulations as a standard or Legendary boss; he fights like any other standard Phaeton-piloting AI. The Legendary variant has no discernible differences other than flying a standard Phaeton recolored to look like a Phaeton Helios.

In both Warzone and Warzone Firefight, his Phaeton cannot be hijacked. However, if for some reason his Phaeton flips over, it will disintegrate and eject the Recon Pilot out, and he will fight on foot with a LightRifle and Splinter Grenades, or in the case of the Legendary variant, the Dying Star and Splinter Grenades.

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