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"Red-Fifteen" was the callsign of a SPARTAN-II commando who took part in the Fall of Reach during the summer of 2552. The SPARTAN was assigned to Team Beta, a splinter of the larger Red Team.[1]


Fall of Reach[]

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On August 30, 2552, Red Team was deployed to the surface of Reach from the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. After their Pelican dropship, Bravo 001, was shot down, the SPARTANs were forced to make a high-altitude jump to the ground, killing four of them, including Malcolm-059. Upon regrouping, Frederic-104 divided Red Team into four splinter groups, including the eleven-member Team Beta. During the SPARTANs' approach to the generators, Red-Fifteen neutralized a single Covenant hostile, allowing the group to advance.

Team Beta was then assigned to defend one of the planet's Orbital Defense Generators against the Covenant. As a force of thirty-two Covenant Wraiths and 260 infantry advanced toward a UNSC position, Beta Red Actual ordered his team to move forward and engage the attackers in close combat. After the SPARTANs broke the Covenant assault wave, Beta Red Actual instructed Gamma 1, another UNSC operator, to withdraw his forces from the area. As the SPARTANs defended against two armored divisions, three Covenant cruisers emerged from cloak and headed toward the UNSC position.

The UNSC Majestic was then ordered by Central Command to bombard the approaching Covenant forces. The Majestic fired six MAC rounds onto the target area. All eleven members of Team Beta, including Red-Fifteen, were killed in the blast.[2]