Your main objective is to simply repair the Power Core. Send the nearby units, consisting of a Cyclops and John Forge, as well as some backup to the Power Core.

You'll want to secure the Power Core, so have a Hawk cover the repair units, and create more Cyclops in order to speed up the process. Also create a few Marines and Hawks to deal with any incoming waves of Covenant.

Be sure to build four turrets in the center of the ship and upgrade them with the Flamethrower upgrade; This will help against the Covenant infantry that will occasionally move out to the Power Core.

The 12th Black Box is on the same location as in the previous mission. Simply take a flying unit over to the left wing of the ship. As for the Skull, kill twelve Spirit Transports first, then have a flying unit check between the two southern lower airlocks to find it.

Legendary Difficulty Hints Edit

Since the covenant tend to pull out all the stops to try and destroy you, notice that they almost pay no attention to your units or airlocks but primarily the Spirit of Fire's cannons and the reactor itself, use this to your advantage to swarm with your own units.  Main enemies one must concern over are the Hunters and Locusts, focus your attacks on these and use anti-air vehicles to take down the banshees and the Vampires. Try to spawn as many marines and Cyclops' as possible as well as turrets. For the turrets upgrade two of them in the middle for infantry and the other two for anti-vehicle uses. Though do not keep all of your units focused on the center area, send a few marines to the reactor to help cover the Cyclops' and the reactor as well.

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