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Requires Adjustment (nicknamed Adj by the crew of the UNSC Port Stanley) was a Huragok.


Requires Adjustment was captured by the Jiralhanae auxiliary ship Piety while it was aboard the Serene Certainty. The Huragok was going to be handed over to Avu Med 'Telcam, but the UNSC Port Stanley captured the tug, eliminated the Jiralhanae, and acquired Requires Adjustment. The ship's AI, Black Box , was able to communicate with the Huragok using sign language.[1]

After being moved to Infinity, the Black Box informed Admiral Margaret Parangosky that the Huragok had improved the ship's slipspace capabilities to be faster and more accurate. It then informed her they planned to improve their communications next, making Infinity able to maintain contact from slipspace.[2] After arriving at Sanghelios, Admiral Parangosky permanently assigned the Huragok to the UNSC Port Stanley to make improvements to the ship, Serin Osman responded saying it would be good to have 'Adj' back.[3]



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