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REQ Station

A REQ station

The requisition system is a feature in Halo 5: Guardians Arena and Warzone multiplayer that grants players cosmetic and in-game bonuses.[1] Requisitions (REQs) are unlocked by obtaining Requisition Packs, which can be earned through gameplay or purchased via the Xbox Store.[1]

Types of Requisitions[]

Unlimited-Use Requisitions[]

Unlimited-use requisitions are cosmetic items, such as weapon skins, armor permutations, or assassination animations.[1][2] These requisitions can be used in both Arena and Warzone.[1]

Single-Use Requisitions[]

Single-use requisitions are items that give in-game advantages, such as power weapons or vehicles.[1] These cards can only be used in Warzone.[1]

Each single-use requisition has a REQ level requirement that must be met before it can be used.[2] A player's REQ level can be raised by killing or assisting in killing AI bosses or other players.[2] When used, single-use requisitions consume energy, which is earned automatically over time.[2] Higher REQ levels allow players to hold more energy in reserve at once.[2]

Obtaining Requisition Packs[]

Requisition Packs can be earned by ranking up in Spartan Rank or completing Commendations.[1] Completing Arena or Warzone matches rewards Requisition Points, which can be used to purchase Requisition Packs.[1] Requisition Packs can also be purchased with real money via microtransactions.[1] 14 Premium Requisition packs will be included in the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition and Limited Collector's Edition.[3]

List of Requisitions[]

Cosmetic Items[]

Name Skin Rarity
Achilles - Ultra Rare
Air Assault - Common
Disrupt Uncommon
Impact Rare
Specialist Ultra Rare
Anubis - Common
Nephthys Uncommon
Set Rare
Argonaut - Rare
Nestor Ultra Rare
Idmon Legendary
Argus - Mythic
Arestor Mythic
Athlon - Common
Varazdat Common
Lynicus Common
Cynisca Uncommon
Iccus Rare
Champion Legendary
Atlas - Rare
Vigilant Rare
Unbound Ultra Rare
Aviator - Common
Ace Common
Delta Common
Csar Uncommon
Breaker - Common
Hatchetman Uncommon
Doomsday Rare
Buccaneer - Uncommon
Tyr Rare
Illyri Ultra Rare
Centurion - Mythic
Ironside Mythic
Challenger - Ultra Rare
Cinder - Uncommon
CIO - Rare
Commando - Uncommon
Verde Rare
Arius Ultra Rare
Matrix Legendary
Copperhead - Mythic
Fangs Mythic
CQB - Rare
Cyclops - Uncommon
Cypher - Uncommon
Copiale Uncommon
Voynich Rare
Deadeye - Ultra Rare
Decimator - Ultra Rare
Defender - Rare
Castle Rare
Redoubt Ultra Rare
Fortress Legendary
Dynast - Uncommon
Cincindel Uncommon
Lilioc Rare
Enforcer - Uncommon
Strongarm Rare
Engineer - Uncommon
EOD - Rare
EVA - Common
Hadfield Uncommon
Solovyev Rare
Leonov Ultra Rare
Zhigang Ultra Rare
EVA GEN1 - Ultra Rare
Fenrir - Uncommon
Unchained Rare
Woebringer Rare
Wolffriend Rare
Foehammer - Common
Echo Uncommon
Victor Rare
FOTUS - Ultra Rare
Chillrose Legendary
Synchronize Legendary
Freebooter - Uncommon
Privateer Rare
Goblin - Uncommon
Erlking Uncommon
Dokkaebi Rare
GUNGNIR - Ultra Rare
Dvalin Legendary
Helioskrill - Mythic
Bloodgorger Legendary
Warbound Legendary
Hellcat - Uncommon
Marauder Rare
Onslaught Ultra Rare
Helljumper - Mythic
Feet First Mythic
Hermes - Mythic
Dolios Mythic
Hunter - Mythic
Icarus - Rare
Indomitable - Mythic
Erőd Mythic
Infiltrator - Rare
Saboteur Ultra Rare
Interceptor - Uncommon
Cutter Uncommon
Imperator Rare
Rictus Rare
Intruder - Mythic
Trespasser Mythic
Jumpmaster - Common
Sky Soldier Common
Ripcord Uncommon
Legionnaire - Common
Optio Common
Alaris Uncommon
Locus - Legendary
Edge Legendary
Mako - Uncommon
Chthonic Rare
Darkwater Ultra Rare
Marauder - Ultra Rare
Keres Legendary
Kratos Ultra Rare
Mark IV GEN1 - Mythic
Mark V Alpha - Mythic
Reflex Mythic
Mark V Delta - Legendary
Mark VI - Ultra Rare
Satrap Ultra Rare
Primus Legendary
Regent Legendary
Mark VI GEN1 - Mythic
Scarred Mythic
Maverick - Ultra Rare
Jester Legendary
Military Police - Ultra Rare
Nightfall - Mythic
Noble - Rare
Valor Ultra Rare
Honor Legendary
Nomad - Uncommon
Wanderlust Rare
Unchained Ultra Rare
Olive - Legendary
Operator - Rare
Operator GEN1 - Rare
Orbital - Uncommon
Perihelion Rare
Aphelion Ultra Rare
Equinox Legendary
Pathfinder - Uncommon
Trailbreaker Rare
Pilot - Rare
Pioneer - Uncommon
Protector - Rare
Raider - Legendary
Raijin - Uncommon
Stormstrike Rare
Sprite Ultra Rare
Ranger - Ultra Rare
Reaper - Rare
Grim Ultra Rare
Mortician Legendary
Recluse - Common
Laeta Common
Seri Uncommon
Recon - Common
RSO Uncommon
BDA Rare
ITG Ultra Rare
Recon GEN1 - Ultra Rare
Recruit - Common
Charred Common
Marked Uncommon
Proven Rare
Rogue - Ultra Rare
Cutthroat Ultra Rare
Scanner - Ultra Rare
Scout - Uncommon
Decoy Rare
Observer Ultra Rare
Outrider Legendary
Security - Rare
Oppressor Ultra Rare
Watchdog Ultra Rare
Security GEN1 - Rare
Seeker - Uncommon
Intrepid Uncommon
Horizon Rare
Shinobi - Ultra Rare
Heartless Legendary
Soldier - Common
Leatherneck Common
Rebel Uncommon
Dogface Rare
Stalker - Rare
Arrow Rare
Stinger - Uncommon
Strider - Rare
Technician - Mythic
Override Mythic
Teishin - Uncommon
Shuurai Rare
Raikou Ultra Rare
Timmy - Legendary
Tracer - Uncommon
Jackpoint Uncommon
Signal Rare
Tracker - Rare
Valkyrie - Common
Eir Common
Hrist Uncommon
Vector - Uncommon
Interrupt Uncommon
Sequence Rare
Venator - Ultra Rare
Retiarus Ultra Rare
Cestus Legendary
Thraex Legendary
Venture - Uncommon
Outward Bound Rare
Vigilant - Mythic
Watcher Mythic
Viper - Uncommon
Strike Rare
Venom Ultra Rare
Void Dancer - Legendary
Comet Legendary
Warrior - Common
Helm Common
Blade Uncommon
Shield Uncommon
War Master - Rare
Tiberian Ultra Rare
Augustan Legendary
Scipio Legendary
Wetwork - Ultra Rare
Cleaner Ultra Rare
Wrath - Mythic
Anhur Mythic

Name Rarity
Abyss Legendary
Armorer Ultra-Rare
Aureus Ultra-Rare
Aurora Ultra-Rare
Autumn Rare
Blindside Common
Buckingham Rare
Burgundian Rare
Clockwork Uncommon
Connected Rare
Cyan Common
Dauntless Ultra-Rare
Daybreak Legendary
Dianthus Rare
Dusk Ultra-Rare
Dynasty Rare
Ecto Uncommon
Envy Common
Expedition Ultra-Rare
False Dawn Rare
Flood Rare
Foucault Common
Frost Common
Gallows Uncommon
Greystone Ultra-Rare
Hypocenter Rare
Ichor Ultra Rare
Independence Rare
King Uncommon
Legendary Legendary
Mad Dog Rare
Matrix Rare
Midnight Uncommon
Mithral Legendary
Muse Rare
Pendragon Legendary
Primeval Rare
Rampant Legendary
Recruit Common
Reflection Rare
Regnum Rare
Remembrance Ultra-Rare
Resolute Ultra-Rare
Rex Legendary
Rime Ultra-Rare
Saturnine Ultra-Rare
Scoundrel Legendary
Secrets Ultra-Rare
Sluagh Uncommon
Strife Legendary
Sunspot Uncommon
Tenebrae Ultra-Rare
Torchbearer Rare
Unbreakable Rare
Vandal Common
Verdant Uncommon
Vespertine Ultra-Rare
Wild Hunt Rare

Name Rarity
104 Ways to Die Mythic
A Good Ribbing Uncommon
And Stay Down Rare
Back Breaker Ultra-Rare
Don't Flip Out Common
Emile's Regards Mythic
Eyebiter Ultra Rare
Get Low Rare
Helping Hands Ultra Rare
Knee-dful Things Legendary
Lawn Dart Legendary
Liftoff Rare
Meat Hook Common
Nice Try Ultra-Rare
Oh Snap Rare
Over the Top Rare
Shove It Uncommon
Spin Cycle Uncommon
Spinal Tap Legendary
Stop Stabbing Yourself Ultra-Rare
Sweep the Leg Ultra-Rare
Terminal Velocity Ultra-Rare
That Took Guts Rare
The Kickoff Ultra-Rare
Windup Rare

Name Rarity
Assassin Ultra-Rare
At the Ready Common
Believe Rare
Breach Uncommon
Center Mass Ultra-Rare
Engage Rare
Fire Support Ultra Rare
Flanker Legendary
Grim Resolve Uncommon
Hammer Time Ultra Rare
Into the Fire Rare
Last Stand Uncommon
Look Skyward Ultra Rare
Old School Legendary
Patrol Legendary
Peacemaker Legendary
Tactical Carry Legendary
Urban Recon Rare
Weapons Free Ultra Rare
World's End Common

Name Rarity
117 Common
Acheron Security Legendary
All Square Rare
AMG Transport Dynamics Legendary
Anchorite Rare
Angel's Mark Rare
Anjou Rare
Antelope Rare
AR Start Rare
Arbiter Ultra Rare
Army Rare
Arrow Ultra Rare
Arrow on Target Rare
Assassin Rare
Astro Ultra Rare
Atrial Flight Uncommon
Auspicious Uncommon
Avian Uncommon
Awake Ultra Rare
Axiom Rare
Axis Legendary
Barcode Ultra Rare
Beard Ultra Rare
Beta Prime Legendary
Beta Star Legendary
Beta Recruit Legendary
Blue Team Rare
Bolt Rare
Boomco. Uncommon
BR 55 Uncommon
Brute Legendary
Buckeyes Uncommon
Builder Common
Bulltrue Rare
Campfire Rare
Candy Cane Legendary
Cascade Stronghold Technologies Rare
Celestial Uncommon
Chamomile Uncommon
Cherry Bomb Rare
Chief's Crest Rare
Clippy Ultra Rare
Club Uncommon
Cone'd Uncommon
Confine Ultra Rare
Confirmation Rare
Conspiracy Uncommon
Covenant Legendary
Covenant Signet Rare
Cowboy Ninja Rare
Crash Uncommon
Crossed Swords Rare
Cubicle Rare
Cup of Death Rare
Danger! Explosion Ultra Rare
Diamond Rare
Ducat Rare
Duet Rare
Eagle Rare
Eco Rare
Elementary Common
Emile Legendary
Enlisted Rare
Equilateral Rare
Eye of the Beast Rare
Falcon Rare
Fireborn Rare
Fireteam Castle Ultra Rare
Fireteam Crimson Rare
Fireteam Majestic Ultra Rare
Fireteam Osiris Rare
Flaming Horns Uncommon
Flaming Ninja Ultra Rare
Flaming Skull Rare
Flip Mode Rare
Fly Bye Rare
Forerunner Signet Rare
Forge Monitor Ultra Rare
Frag Rare
Frontier Rare
Frozen Treat Ultra Rare
Gassed Common
Glyphs Ultra Rare
Golden Arm Uncommon
Great Hunt Rare
Great Wheel Legendary
Greeter Rare
Grenadier Ultra Rare
Grifball Rare
Griffin Common
Grizzly Tank Ultra Rare
Ground Pound Uncommon
Guardian Legendary
Halo Championship Series Ultra Rare
Halo Channel Legendary
Hammer Rare
Hammock Uncommon
Hand of the Didact Rare
Hannibal Weapons Systems Rare
Hastati Rare
Headshot Rare
Heart Rare
Helmet Common
Helper Unit IV Rare
Hexa Rare
Hot Pie Ultra Rare
Hunter Prey Rare
Imbrium Machine Complex Uncommon
Imperial Rare
Implied Rare
Incinerate Rare
Infected Rare
Invex Rare
Iris Ultra Rare
Isosceles Ultra Rare
IX Uncommon
J!NX Ultra Rare
J1-GL Bot Rare
Jewel Rare
Jolly Roger Common
Jorge Legendary
Keeper of the Domain Uncommon
Kig-Yar Uncommon
Killer Bee Uncommon
Kindred Ultra Rare
Kinetic Uncommon
Knot Common
Kukri Common
Lemon's Head Rare
Lethbridge Industrial Legendary
Liang Dortmund Ultra Rare
Liang Dortmund Seal Ultra Rare
Librarian Legendary
Links Common
Listener Rare
Loading Rare
Loupe Rare
M6D Legendary
Mad Dawg Uncommon
Magnum Opus Legendary
Mantis Rare
Mantle Legendary
Marauder Rare
Mark of the Hog Rare
Matrix Rare
Maw Rare
Mega Bloks Banner Ultra Rare
Mega Bloks X Ultra Rare
Merry Berry Rare
Meteor Rare
Microsoft Bob Ultra Rare
Militia Uncommon
Misriah Armory Legendary
Mister Chief Ultra Rare
Mixer Rare
Mjolnir Common
Monolith Legendary
MS-DOS Ultra Rare
Mushroom Rare
Naded Rare
Nadir Rare
Navy Uncommon
Network Rare
Nexus Rare
Noble Rare
Noise Rare
Nucleus Rare
Number Zero Uncommon
Number One Uncommon
Number Two Uncommon
Number Three Uncommon
Number Four Uncommon
Number Five Uncommon
Number Six Uncommon
Number Seven Uncommon
Number Eight Uncommon
Number Nine Uncommon
Number Twelve Uncommon
ODST Uncommon
ONI Rare
Options Rare
Orbit Rare
Panda BR Rare
Patch Uncommon
Pigs Fly Ultra Rare
Pinwheel Rare
Pioneer Rare
Pirate Rare
Pivot Rare
Platform Rare
Power Rare
Prancer Rare
Predator Rare
Prima Legendary
Prime Rare
Principle Uncommon
Pyramid Ultra Rare
Rabbit Ultra Rare
Radioactive Rare
Ratio Rare
Reclaimer Rare
Redeem Ultra Rare
Renewing Worlds Ultra Rare
Revolve Rare
Rhino Rare
Rooster Common
Runes Common
Salient Sword Rare
Scarab Rare
Scorpion Rare
Screw Rare
Sentient Legendary
Signal Rare
Skull King Common
Skull Party Common
Slumber Ultra Rare
Snake Uncommon
Spade Uncommon
Spartan Common
Spartan Claus Legendary
Spartan Helmet Common
Spartan League Rare
Spartan Seal Rare
Spartan Swords Rare
Spartan X Common
Spartan-IV Ultra Rare
Spicy Locke Ultra Rare
Splinter Rare
Sprinkles Ultra Rare
Stars and Stripes Rare
Stealth Uncommon
Stuck Legendary
Summit Ultra Rare
Tag It Rare
Tartan Ultra Rare
Teeth Rare
Thanks Given Ultra Rare
Three Eyes Rare
Tomcat Common
Tracker Rare
Traitor Rare
Triad Rare
Triangulate Rare
Triarch Rare
Tricube Rare
Triplicate Common
True Light Legendary
Unggoy Uncommon
Unicorn Rare
Unworthy Ultra Rare
Valencia Rare
Vanguard Ultra Rare
Vertigo Uncommon
Volatile Rare
Warden Legendary
Warlord Rare
War's Quintet Legendary
Wasp Rare
Watershed Division Rare
Waves Rare
Winged Rare
Wolf Common
Yin Yang Common

Name Weapon(s) Rarity
343 Industries Assault Rifle Mythic
Magnum Mythic
Bloodthirst Battle Rifle Ultra-Rare
Boomco AR Blaster Assault Rifle Ultra-Rare
Boomco Magnum Blaster Magnum Ultra-Rare
Bracer Assault Rifle Legendary
Battle Rifle Legendary
DMR Legendary
Magnum Legendary
SMG Legendary
Clash DMR Legendary
Ehh, Arr Assault Rifle Legendary
Fade Assault Rifle Uncommon
Battle Rifle Uncommon
DMR Uncommon
Magnum Uncommon
SMG Uncommon
Full Moon Magnum Rare
Gold Standard Assault Rifle Legendary
Battle Rifle Legendary
DMR Legendary
Magnum Legendary
SMG Legendary
Green Machine Assault Rifle Rare
Battle Rifle Rare
DMR Rare
Magnum Rare
SMG Rare
HCS Contender Assault Rifle Legendary
Magnum Legendary
Lagrange Assault Rifle Ultra-Rare
Last Dawn Assault Rifle Rare
Battle Rifle Rare
DMR Rare
Magnum Rare
SMG Rare
Last Slice Assault Rifle Rare
Locke and Loaded Magnum Legendary
Lord of the Fries Magnum Rare
Old Abe Assault Rifle Rare
Potence SMG Legendary
Prestige Assault Rifle Ultra-Rare
Battle Rifle Ultra-Rare
DMR Ultra-Rare
Magnum Ultra-Rare
SMG Ultra-Rare
Ruptive Assault Rifle Ultra-Rare
Battle Rifle Ultra-Rare
DMR Ultra-Rare
Magnum Ultra-Rare
SMG Ultra-Rare
Scratched Assault Rifle Rare
Magnum Rare
Spiral Assault Rifle Rare
Battle Rifle Rare
DMR Rare
Magnum Rare
SMG Rare
Steel Assault Rifle Rare
Vengeance Assault Rifle Rare

Boosts and Perks[]

Mod Rarity
Advanced Sensors Common
Auto-Medic Common
Death from Above Uncommon
Frag Grenade Expert Rare
Plasma Grenade Expert Ultra-Rare
Reflex Enhancers Rare
Speed Boosters Ultra-Rare
Splinter Grenade Expert Rare
Upgraded Shields Uncommon
Upgraded Thrusters Ultra-Rare

Certification Rarity
SAW Certification Common
Boltshot Certification Common
Plasma Pistol Certification Common
Shotgun Certification Common
Storm Rifle Certification Common
Suppressor Certification Common
Chaingun Turret Certification Common
Railgun Certification Common
Needler Certification Common
Carbine Certification Common
Gungoose Certification Common
Mongoose Certification Common
Corp Mongoose Certification Common
Urban Mongoose Certification Common
Oni Mongoose Certification Common
Warthog Certification Common
Scout Warthog Certification Common
Urban Scout Warthog Certification Common
Corp Scout Warthog Certification Common
Oni Scout Warthog Certification Common
Sword Ghost Certification Uncommon
Lawgiver Certification Uncommon
Fuel Rod Cannon Certification Uncommon
Sniper Rifle Certification Uncommon
Hydra Launcher Certification Uncommon
Ghost Certification Uncommon
Scorpion Certification Rare

Boost Uses Rarity Reward
Arena XP Boost Single-use Common
Gambit: Assists Single-use Common
Arena XP Boost Single-use Uncommon
Arena RP Boost Single-use Uncommon
Gambit: Spartan Kills Single-use Uncommon
Mission: Victory Single-use Uncommon
Arena XP Jackpot Single-use Uncommon
Arena XP Boost Single-use Rare
Arena RP Boost Single-use Rare
Gambit: Medal Count Single-use Rare
Arena RP Jackpot Single-use Rare
Arena RP Boost Single-use Ultra-Rare
Mission: Victory Single-use Ultra-Rare 700 RP
Arena XP Boost Single-use Legendary 750 RP
Arena XP Boost Single-use Legendary 2,808 XP
Warzone XP Boost Single-use Common
Warzone XP Boost Single-use Uncommon 3,371 XP
Warzone RP Boost Single-use Uncommon 1,000 RP
Gambit: Assist Single-use Uncommon 4,492 XP
Mission: Victory Single-use Uncommon 4,492 XP
Warzone XP Jackpot Single-use Uncommon
Warzone XP Boost Single-use Rare 4,492 XP
Warzone RP Boost Single-use Rare 1,500 RP
Gambit: Spartan Kills Single-use Rare 5,615 XP
Warzone RP Jackpot Single-use Rare
Warzone RP Boost Single-use Ultra Rare 2,000 RP
Mission: Victory Single-use Ultra Rare 3,000 RP
Gambit: Medal Count Single-use Ultra Rare 11,230 XP
Warzone XP Boost Single-use Legendary 11,235 XP
Warzone RP Boost Single-use Legendary 5,000 RP
Gambit: AI Kills Single-use Legendary 16,845 XP

Warzone Requisitions[]

Type Model Energy Cost Uses Rarity
Assault Rifle MA5D 1-8 depending on variant Unlimited Common (B, EM, KB, LB, LT, S, SJ), Uncommon (TM), Rare (EB, K)
Recon AR 1-8 depending on variant Unlimited Common (B, KB, LB, LT, SJ), Rare (EB)
Longshot AR 1-8 Unlimited Uncommon (B, KB, LB, LT, S, SD, SJ), Ultra Rare (EB)
Hybrid AR 1 Unlimited Uncommon
COG AR 1 Unlimited Uncommon
Morph AR 1 Unlimited Uncommon
Magnum M6H2 1-4 Unlimited Common (B), Ultra Rare (EM, Gunfighter, Tactical)
Battle Rifle BR85N 3-8 depending on variant Unlimited Common (B, EM, KB, LB, LT, S, SJ), Uncommon (TM), Rare (EB, K)
Longshot BR 3-8 depending on variant Unlimited Uncommon (B, KB, LB, LT, S, SJ), Ultra Rare (EB)
Classic BR 3-8 depending on variant Unlimited Common (B), Uncommon (KB, LB, LT, S, SD, SJ), Ultra Rare (EB)
Sentinel BR 3-8 depending on variant Unlimited Rare (B, KB, LB, LT, S, SJ), Legendary (EB)
Hybrid BR 3 Unlimited Uncommon
COG BR 4 Unlimited Uncommon
Morph BR 3 Unlimited Uncommon
Halo 2 BR BR55 4 Unlimited Mythic
SMG M20 4-8 depending on variant Unlimited Uncommon (B, EM, KB, LB, LT, S, SD, SJ), Rare (TM), Ultra Rare (EB)
Projection SMG 4-8 depending on variant Unlimited Rare (B, KB, LB, LT, S, SJ), Legendary (EB)
Recon SMG 4-8 depending on variant Unlimited Ultra Rare (B, KB, LB, LT, S, SJ), Legendary (EB)
Hybrid SMG 4 Unlimited Rare
COG SMG 6 Unlimited Rare
Morph SMG 4 Unlimited Rare
DMR M395B 6-8 depending on variant Unlimited Rare (B, EM, KB, LB, LT, S, SD, SJ, TM), Legendary (EB, K)
Recon DMR 6-8 depending on variant Unlimited Ultra Rare (B, KB, LB, LT, S, SJ), Legendary (EB)
Sentinel DMR 6-8 depending on variant Unlimited Legendary (B, EB, KB, LB, LT, S, SJ)
Hybrid DMR 6 Unlimited Rare
COG DMR 8 Unlimited Rare
Morph DMR 6 Unlimited Rare

Legend for loadout weapons:

  • B: Base variant - no attachments.
  • EB: Energy Bayonet - one-hit kill melee weapon.
  • EM: Extended Mag - bigger magazine.
  • KB: Kinetic Bolts - adjusts vehicle damage and knockback, players killed by a weapon with kinetic bolts will disintegrate as if they were killed by a Forerunner weapon.
  • K: Knightblade - adjusts vehicle damage and knockback.
  • LT: Laser Targeter - increases damage.
  • LB: Long Barrel - increases range.
  • SD: Sound Dampener - increased range, reduces firing signature.
  • SJ: Stabilization Jets - decreases vertical recoil.
  • S: Silencer - quietens weapon, reduces visibility on enemy motion trackers while firing.
  • TM: Threat Marker - tracks enemy personnel for a short time.

Type Model Energy Cost Uses Rarity
Suppressor Z-130 1 Single-use Common
Song of Peace 2 Single-use Uncommon
Razor's Edge 3 Single-use Rare
Boltshot Z-110 2 Single-use Common
Closed Fist 2 Single-use Uncommon
Open Hand 3 Single-use Rare
Covenant Carbine T-57B 2 Single-use Common
Rain of Oblivion 3 Single-use Uncommon
Blood of Suban 4 Single-use Rare
Storm Rifle T-55 1 Single-use Common
Fury 2 Single-use Uncommon
Blissful Slumber 3 Single-use Rare
Shotgun M45D 3 Single-use Common
Lawgiver 3 Single-use Uncommon
Blaze of Glory 4 Single-use Rare
Oathsworn 5 Single-use Mythic
Energy Sword T-1 3 Single-use Uncommon
Ravening Sliver 3 Single-use Rare
Vorpal Talon 4 Single-use Ultra Rare
Prophet's Bane 6 Single-use Mythic
Gravity Hammer T-2 3 Single-use Rare
Corpsemaker 4 Single-use Rare
Grinder 5 Single-use Ultra Rare
Tartarus' Gavel 7 Single-use Mythic
Brute Plasma Rifle T-25 3 Single-use Uncommon
Sorrow of Teash 4 Single-use Rare
Scale of Soirapt 5 Single-use Ultra Rare
Needler T-56D 3 Single-use Common
Hailstorm 3 Single-use Uncommon
Talon of the Lost 4 Single-use Rare
Plasma Caster T-53 3 Single-use Uncommon
Scourge of Fire 4 Single-use Rare
White Scar 5 Single-use Ultra Rare
Plasma Pistol T-54D 2 Single-use Common
Spitfire 3 Single-use Uncommon
Void's Tear 4 Single-use Rare
SAW M739 4 Single-use Common
Appetite for Destruction 5 Single-use Uncommon
The Answer 6 Single-use Rare
Hydra Launcher MLRS-1 5 Single-use Uncommon
Typhon 5 Single-use Rare
Echidna 7 Single-use Ultra Rare
Rocket Launcher M57 5 Single-use Uncommon
Ad Victoriam 6 Single-use Rare
High Five 7 Single-use Ultra Rare
SPNKr Rocket Launcher M41 5 Single-use Rare
SPNKr EM 5 Single-use Rare
SPNKr EX 6 Single-use Ultra Rare
SPNKr Prime 7 Single-use Mythic
Reach Grenade Launcher M319 3 Single-use Uncommon
Pro Pipe 4 Single-use Rare
Sniper Rifle SRS99-S5 6 Single-use Uncommon
End of the Line 6 Single-use Rare
Arrow of Time 7 Single-use Ultra Rare
Nornfang 7 Single-use Mythic
Spartan Laser M6/E 4 Single-use Rare
Endgame 6 Single-use Ultra Rare
Selene's Lance 7 Single-use Legendary
Fuel Rod Cannon T-58 4 Single-use Uncommon
Light of Urs 5 Single-use Rare
Pool of Radiance 5 Single-use Ultra Rare
Plasma turret T-58 2 Single-use Rare
Beam Rifle T-27 6 Single-use Rare
Sword of the Faithful 6 Single-use Ultra Rare
Krith's Left Hand 7 Single-use Legendary
Halo 2 Beam Rifle T-50 6 Single-use Rare
Halo 2 Beam Rifle Alpha 6 Single-use Ultra Rare
Halo 2 Beam Rifle Delta 7 Single-use Legendary
Binary Rifle Z-750 6 Single-use Ultra Rare
Retina of the Mind's Eye 6 Single-use Ultra Rare
Twin Jewels of Maethrillian 7 Single-use Legendary
Gauss Turret M555 5 Single-use Legendary
ONI Gauss turret 5 Single-use Legendary
Incineration Cannon Z-390 5 Single-use Rare
River of Light 5 Single-use Ultra Rare
Heartseeker 8 Single-use Legendary
LightRifle Z-250 4 Single-use Rare
Barbed Lance 4 Single-use Ultra Rare
Dying Star 5 Single-use Legendary
Whispered Truth M6H2 5 Single-use Mythic
Halo: Combat Evolved Pistol M6D 6 Single-use Mythic
Railgun ARC-920 4 Single-use Common
Whiplash 4 Single-use Uncommon
Arclight 5 Single-use Rare
Sentinel Beam Safeguard variant 4 Single-use Rare
Rocket Pod Turret M80B 5 Single-use Ultra Rare
ONI Rocket turret 5 Single-use Legendary
Scattershot Z-180 4 Single-use Rare
Loathsome Thing 4 Single-use Ultra Rare
Didact's Signet 5 Single-use Legendary
Splinter Turret Z-520 2 Single-use Rare
Assault cannon Wicked Grasp 3 Single-use Rare
Berserker's Claw 4 Single-use Ultra Rare
Chaingun M343A2 2 Single-use Common
ONI Chaingun turret 4 Single-use Ultra Rare
Jorge's Chaingun M247H 6 Single-use Mythic

Power-up Uses Rarity
Speed Boost I Single-use Common
Speed Boost II Single-use Uncommon
Speed Boost III Single-use Rare
Active Camo I Single-use Uncommon
Active Camo II Single-use Rare
Active Camo III Single-use Ultra Rare
Overshield I Single-use Uncommon
Overshield II Single-use Rare
Overshield III Single-use Ultra Rare
Damage Boost I Single-use Rare
Damage Boost II Single-use Ultra Rare
Damage Boost III Single-use Legendary

Type Model Energy Cost Uses Rarity
Mongoose M290 1 Single-use Common
Corp Mongoose 1 Single-use Common
Tundra Mongoose 1 Single-use Common
Woodland Mongoose 1 Single-use Common
ONI Mongoose 1 Single-use Common
Urban Mongoose 1 Single-use Common
Scout Warthog M12B 1 Single-use Common
Corp Scout Warthog 1 Single-use Common
ONI Scout Warthog 1 Single-use Common
Rally Scout Warthog 1 Single-use Common
Urban Scout Warthog 1 Single-use Common
Tundra Scout Warthog 1 Single-use Common
Woodland Scout Warthog 1 Single-use Common
Gungoose M290-M 3 Single-use Common
Ghost T-54 3 Single-use Uncommon
Sword Ghost 3 Single-use Uncommon
Ghost Ultra 4 Single-use Rare
Temple Ghost 4 Single-use Rare
Warthog M12 LRV 2 Single-use Common
Corp Warthog 2 Single-use Common
Rally Warthog 2 Single-use Uncommon
Tundra Warthog 2 Single-use Uncommon
Woodland Warthog 2 Single-use Uncommon
Urban Warthog 2 Single-use Uncommon
ONI Warthog 3 Single-use Rare
Sword Needler Warthog 3 Single-use Rare
Banshee T-54 6 Single-use Rare
Sword Banshee 6 Single-use Rare
Banshee Ultra 7 Single-use Ultra Rare
Temple Banshee 7 Single-use Ultra Rare
Mantis H/Y Mk. IX 6 Single-use Ultra-Rare
Phaeton Z-1800 7 Single-use Legendary
Phaeton Helios 8 Single-use Legendary
Scorpion M820 6 Single-use Rare
Woodland Scorpion 6 Single-use Ultra-Rare
Corp Scorpion 6 Single-use Rare
Urban Scorpion 6 Single-use Ultra-Rare
Tundra Scorpion 6 Single-use Ultra-Rare
ONI Scorpion 7 Single-use Legendary
Hannibal Scorpion 8 Single-use Legendary
Wraith T-58 5 Single-use Uncommon
Sword Wraith 5 Single-use Uncommon
Wraith Ultra 6 Single-use Rare
Temple Wraith 6 Single-use Rare
Gauss Hog M12G1 ? Single-use Ultra-Rare
ONI Gauss Warthog ? Single-use Legendary
Rocket Hog M12R ? Single-use Ultra-Rare
Urban Rocket Warthog ? Single-use Legendary



REQ Packs[]