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Looking for the Covenant supply case, the Covenant's equivalent of the Resupply Canister?

Resupply Capsules

Resupply canisters in Halo 3.

The Resupply Canister, also known as the Drop Pod, was a UNSC rearmament capsule.


It is an oblong capsule with a length of 2.76 meters (9.06 feet) painted in olive green drab. In the interior is a stiff blue or black/gray foam that encapsulates a firearm. Pelican dropships may carry up to six Resupply Canisters on their tail assemblies and eject them in sequence, allowing the capsules to air-drop to the ground and implant themselves firmly into the ground, similar to the ODST Human Entry Vehicle. Upon impact, panels on the upper surfaces of the capsule pop off, revealing a partial profile of the weapon within.

Resupply Canisters are frequently used to rearm UNSC ground units in hazardous combat situations. They were used extensively during the Human-Elite offensive on the Ark, and also appear frequently abandoned in Crow's Nest. They also appear by default on the multiplayer level High Ground and on Valhalla, having been dropped by Victor 398 before crash landing.

There are at least two types of Resupply Canisters: The Resupply Canister Type-B Capsule,[1] and the Resupply Canister Type-C Capsule.[2] The Type-B Capsule was used in Halo 2, and the Type-C Capsule was used in Halo 3. The difference between Type-Bs and Type-Cs is that Type-Bs lack the rounded part on top, the flashing red light, and the pop-off protection panel.

Known types[]

The type-B capsule in Halo 2 appear to be much smaller and more compact than the type-C capsules in Halo 3. They can contain : 2x magnum, 1x sniper rifle, 1x battle rifle, 1x SMG, 1x Rocket Launcher, or 1x Shotgun (rarely, with only 1-2 such examples on the level:Regret due to the relative rarity of shotguns to any other weapons on halo 2)

The type-C capsules in Halo 3 could contain the following weapons: 2x Magnum, 1x Shotgun, 1x Battle rifle, 1x Sniper rifle, 1x assault rifle (extremely common), 1x Rocket Launcher, 1x SMG. (Spartan lasers are more commonly found beside crashed pelicans)


  • In the Halo 2 level Delta Halo, it is possible to move these weapon capsules after they have been deployed by a Pelican by pushing them with a Scorpion or Wraith.
  • These pods can kill you in Halo 2 if you stand right under them when they are dropped on you.
  • In Halo: Reach, during the start of firefight matches, a longsword can be seen dropping ordnance pods that resembles a resupply canister (they usually contain heavy ordnance weapons).
  • In Halo 3 via Forge, players can embed them into the ground to create vehicle barriers.