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Rinkishale was a Commander on the UNSC Las Vegas who was killed during the Callisto Incident. She served as first mate to Captain Harold Lewis.[1]



After the UNSC Callisto was captured by Insurrectionists, the UNSC sent the UNSC Destroyer Las Vegas, the UNSC Jericho, and the UNSC Buenos Aires to hunt it down. The ships' crews were completely inexperienced, and had never fired their weapons in combat before. This should have been the reason for their defeat in the battle, as they had been outsmarted by the Insurrectionists' forces.


On March 2, 2494, they encountered the Callisto in the 26 Draconis system. The three UNSC ships fired six of their seven Ares Missiles, and in response, the now Insurrectionist-controlled ship maneuvered behind an asteroid, which it then detonated in the direction of the UNSC vessels using a nuclear warhead planted beforehand. The Las Vegas was seriously damaged, and Rinkishale was killed by the explosion, along with nearly all of the bridge crew.


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