The waters of this planet have receded, revealing secrets worth dying for.

Riptide is a Halo 5: Guardians Arena map added in the Infinity's Armory update in January of 2016. It is a remix of Fathom.


  • When Riptide was released in the Infinity's Armory update, the map had a Fuel Rod Cannon. It was later replaced with a Hydra launcher in the Hammer Storm update.
  • There is a large fish that breaches the water in the distance if you look out to the water from the water platform.
  • Three Pelicans will fly by every now and then. 
  • There is a umbrella and two chairs on the beach when viewed from Blue room.
  • There are three toy Grunts hidden throughout the map, with two being hidden outside of it.
  • There is a diver buried in some sand that you can view from a window.
  • There is a Meeseeks Box from the american adult program Rick And Morty episode Meeseeks And Destroy in one of the plant growth containers scattered around the map.


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