Ritul was a Brute serving aboard the Covenant cruiser, Rapid Conversion, and a member of Maccabeus's pack. He was an adolescent, not yet old enough to earn the "us" suffix of adulthood to the end of his name. Ritul piloted a Spirit. He was one of the Brutes that was sent to Harvest in Maccabeus' attempt to recover the supposed Oracle that was on Harvest. He was killed when JOTUNs flew into his craft, forcing him to crash land the dropship. He was trapped in the cockpit and subsequently burned to death, though another Jiralhanae aboard his ship, Tartarus, did make an attempt to save his life. The Chieftain Maccabeus later felt regret for the young Jiralhanae's death, feeling Ritul's demise was his fault.[1]



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