Were you looking for Road Rage, a multiplayer medal in Halo: Reach?

Road Rage is a Halo 3 Achievement in which the player must, on a Legendary or Mythic map, score five kills using the Warthog's machine gun turret during any ranked or social match.[1]

This achievement awards the player 25 Gamerpoints. It is represented by a circle containing an image of a Warthog splattering a person, with three stars above a Warthog.

Unlocking the AchievementEdit

The only Legendary map that currently qualifies for this achievement is Avalanche. When using the machine gun turret, make sure your driver tries their best to avoid running players over, and make sure your team has the Rocket launcher and Spartan laser (to avoid the possibility of your Warthog being destroyed with those weapons). Also, those on the Warthog should be alert for enemy vehicles, especially Wraiths and Scorpion tanks.

It should be noted that the five kills do not have to take place in one life, meaning that you can die while attempting to unlock the achievement. The only requirement is that the kills are achieved during one match.


  • The name and image of Road Rage are misleading, since running people over in a vehicle does not count toward unlocking the achievement.
  • The image bears a strong resemblance to the Mongoose Mowdown achievement, with the splattered player and three stars.


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