Robert-A057[2] was a SPARTAN-III super soldier. He was born in 2525 and was orphaned after his parents were killed by the Covenant. He was evacuated and sent to an orphanage, where he lived until he volunteered for the Spartan-III project at age six in 2531. He hoped to get revenge on the Covenant for killing his family and destroying his home planet.

Robert was sent to Camp Currahee on Onyx to be trained with Alpha Company. On the first day there, he pushed Shane out of a Pelican during a Falcon Wing descent exercise. When they both landed on the ground, Shane attacked him, and had to be subdued by Chief Petty Officer Mendez and a drill instructor.[3]

He eventually grew close to Shane and another Spartan-III named Jane, and despite their scuffle and differences in the SPARTAN-III initiation they became Team Wolf Pack. He was killed during Operation: PROMETHEUS along with all 300 Spartans of Alpha Company. He was killed by a plasma bolt to the stomach from an Elite's Plasma Rifle, while trying to pull an incapacitated Jane to safety.[4]



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