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Colonel Robert Watts, known as "that bastard" by most UNSC personnel,[2] was once a highly regarded commander in the UNSC before becoming the Insurrectionist leader of the United Rebel Front.


Formerly an officer of the UNSC Marine Corps who served on the front lines against the insurrection for several years, Colonel Watts became a turncoat and a traitor in the late 2480's, abandoning the military and joining the Insurrection. He led an insurrection in the Eridanus system, taking control of the colony by January 2495. Over the following years Colonel Watts' hold on the colony was broken along with the power of other rebel factions whose leaders were killed in a series of military operations by the UNSC. Soon after, the remaining rebel factions pledged their allegiance to Colonel Watts, being branded by the UNSC as the United Rebel Front. Some time later, Watts believed to have enough power to overthrow the government of Eridanus II, but the UNSC had anticipated his move and decimated his forces as part of Operation: TREBUCHET. The survivors of Operation: TREBUCHET set up a base inside of Eridanus secundus. He ensured that his operation ran smoothly and that it remained relatively hidden from the UNSC.[1]

In 2525, one of his spies was discovered and told the UNSC that Colonel Watts often purchased luxury items, such as Sweet William Cigars, high-quality steaks, Beta Centauri vintage champagne, and Swiss chocolates. A SPARTAN-II team led by John-117 was able to locate and secure him by tagging the incoming delivery crates containing these items.[3] They then brought Watts back to ONI for interrogation.


  • Colonial Military Administration personnel, who by 2525 were often having their loyalty called into question, often pointed out that Watts was a former UNSC Marine, which resulted in many bar fights between CMA and UNSC Marines.[4]