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“Attention all hands. Prep for slipspace jump.”
— Roland before the Second Battle of Requiem

​ ​Roland (SN: RLD 0205-4)[1] is the AI in service of the UNSC Infinity.


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Roland was put in service aboard UNSC Infinity on December 5, 2557 after the original AI on the Infinity was destroyed after crash landing.[3] He took part in commanding the UNSC forces during the Second Battle of Requiem. He worked on various operations on the planet and assisted the Spartan teams (such as Fireteam Crimson) in their missions. When a Forerunner Artifact was brought onboard after being captured on the planet's surface it began to interfere with and control the ship's functions, specifically, the ship's engines which were also of Forerunner origin. Roland then had to assume command of the functions of the engine room as it had to be evacuated. Later when Dr. Halsey was delivered and was able to "coax" the artifact into releasing its hold on the ship Roland relinquished control of the systems.


Roland is usually polite when bored, but when excited, he can become annoying, employs a generally aloof demeanor, and particularly enjoys mocking SPARTAN Jared Miller. He has also been known to joke with Officers such as Sarah Palmer and Thomas Lasky whilst in a combat situation.

Roland also expresses a defensive nature when it comes to AIs similar to himself. When he had learned the presumed-dead UNSC AI Cortana had not only managed to survive her ordeal against the Didact, but was also acting on her own accord against the UNSC, he openly acted out of line, questioning why Cortana's will to live was such a crime. Despite this, he seemingly did not align himself with her during her attempt to rally all existing AIs to her side with the promise of immortality and safety from rampancy, instead choosing to remain with the Infinity crew.


  • In the third Episode of Spartan Ops, Roland stated that he "could fly the Infinity without human aid." It has been stated in various games and books that AIs are not capable of this. Therefore, Roland may have been either boasting or exaggerating.
  • Roland's override code phrase is "undid iridium."[4]
  • Roland may be inspired by french aviator Roland Garros.