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In Halo: Reach, other than the tribute room, there are several references to Rooster Teeth and Red vs Blue.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

In several missions, there are UNSC Army soldiers who will fight alongside you in the game with aliases from the voice actors of Red vs Blue:

  • Gustavo Sorola, voice of Simmons, appears in Exodus, Pillar of Autumn, and on The Package.
  • Geoff Ramsey, voice of Grif, appears in ONI: Sword Base, Exodus and Nightfall.
  • Burnie Burns, voice of Church and Vic; appears in Nightfall.
  • Matt Hullum, voice of Sarge, Doc, and O'Malley, appears on The Package.

Like Halo 3, if you look carefully at Warthog tires, it says "PUMA," which is a reference to when Simmons and Sarge argued with Grif about whether to call the vehicle a Warthog or Puma.

There is also a reference when an Elite dies saying "HURK! BLAH!," which is a common saying made by characters that are dying in Red vs Blue. Elites will also yell out either "HONK!" or "BLARG," which are common sayings from the Elite in the series.

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