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“I may have to consider rotating S-344 into his spot if another IN/OP comes up before S-239’s next mandatory psychiatric reevaluation.”
— Colonel Urban Holland, in Emile-A239's performance report[2]

Rosenda-A344 is a female Human SPARTAN-III who serves the United Nations Space Command. Trained as a member of Alpha Company, Rosenda was assigned to UNSC Army Colonel Urban Holland, as a part of Special Warfare Command. In 2552, while writing Noble Team's performance reports, Holland considered rotating Emile-A239 out of the team and replacing him with Rosenda if another Insurrectionist-related operation were to come up. Such a rotation never occurred, as Noble Team's investigation of suspicious activity on Reach revealed that the Covenant had arrived to attack the planet.


Rosenda is a female Human,[3] who was inducted into the SPARTAN-III Program at an early age. She trained as a part of Alpha Company, the first company of SPARTAN-IIIs, where she was given the designation of Rosenda-A344.[1][2] Prior to Operation: PROMETHEUS, Rosenda was transferred to another unit and consequently survived the formal destruction of Alpha Company.[4]

After she graduated, she was put under the jurisdiction of Colonel Urban Holland, presumably as a part of Special Warfare Command. In the year 2552, Holland mentioned her in his Noble Team performance reports. He wrote that he was considering assigning Rosenda to Emile-A239's position of NOBLE 4, if another Insurrectionist operation came up before the latter's next mandatory psychiatric reevaluation.[2] Holland's consideration did not materialize, as Noble Team's investigation of suspicious activity on Reach revealed that the Covenant had begun an invasion of the planet.[5]

Personality and traits[]

Rosenda-A344 is a female Human,[3] who is physically augmented as a result of the SPARTAN-III Program.[1] She has been described as "sassy".[3]


Halo: Reach[]

While Rosenda-A344 does not appear in Halo: Reach directly, she is mentioned via the game's customized loadout system in Multiplayer and Firefight. Players can title loadouts "Rosenda" using the gametype creation tools.[5]


  • Rosenda was first mentioned in Halo: Reach, via the game's customizable loadout system.[5]
  • She was originally intended to play a larger role in Halo: Reach as a member of Noble Team, but was ultimately cut from the game and only mentioned in the Noble Team performance reports by her SPARTAN tag.[3]
  • If a player wished to partially recreate Rosenda's concept art armor, they would need the following: CQC helmet w/ UA/HUL attachment, Recon left shoulder, FJ/PARA or Default right shoulder, the Commando chest piece, Tactical/Hard Case equipment, GUNGNIR knee guards, a Gold visor, Sage as the armor's primary color, and Silver as the secondary color.[3]




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