The S-2 Traxus Cargo Transporter,[3] was a forklift designed by Traxus Heavy Industries.[1]

Class HistoryEdit

The S-2 was designed in 2538 to replace the S-1 forklift. It was used at a number of UNSC military facilities.[1] The S-2 continued to see use as late as November 2552.[4]


As a cargo transport, the S-2 is simple and utilitarian in design. Powered by propane, it is used for lifting and transporting crates and boxes that are too heavy to transport by hand.[5]

Due to personal injury lawsuits on Earth, Tribute, and Skopje, the S-2 featured several improvements over the S-1. This included a kill switch, safety sensor and a few other alterations.[1]


In Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, it is a scenery item and can be found in many levels, both in campaign and multiplayer, and is a Forge object.

Along with other civilian vehicles, the forklift was made drivable by the player in Halo: Reach. Although forklifts travel relatively slowly, at its top speed it is capable of splattering a Sangheili General.[6] Its speed, coupled with a lack of any defensive capabilities, makes the vehicle practically useless in gameplay. It is, however, extremely explosive, and when positioned properly, can act as an improvised explosive device within the campaign as well as firefight. The forklift in Halo: Reach originally had the ability to raise and lower its tines, but it was cut (rather ironically) due to being "crazy and pointless."[7]


  • The S-2 can be only seen in two campaign levels in Halo 3, Crow's Nest and The Storm.
  • A drivable forklift appears in every campaign level in Halo: Reach.
  • It appears in only one firefight map in Halo: Reach: Courtyard.
  • Interestingly, the Forklift in Halo: Reach bears the GUNGNIR symbol.
  • Strangely, in Halo: Reach, if one explodes after being shot by a player and kills enemies, it will count the kills as splatters.
  • Players as Sangheili in firefight are able to drive these as well; they cannot be hijacked, though.
  • Forklifts can be used effectively as a mobile explosive. A useful tactic is to position a forklift in a chokepoint with an unexploded grenade from a grenade launcher beneath it and wait until an enemy player walks within range.




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