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“There won’t be any program — not like the Spartan-Twos, anyway. Or the Spartan-Threes, if I can help it. We’re back to using consenting adults now, like we did in Project Orion.”

The SPARTAN-IV Program is the fourth generation of the SPARTAN Program, consisting of members recruited from the United Nations Space Command Defense Force who were augmented to be capable of wearing a new variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN2) armor. This phase was initiated by Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence Admiral Margaret Orlenda Parangosky after the Human-Covenant war.[3]

Similar to the original ORION Project, the SPARTAN-IV Program would only consist of adult volunteers as opposed to young children.[2] When the program was started, surviving members of previous SPARTAN generations were offered an opportunity to be integrated into it.[4] SPARTAN-IV recruits are drawn from active combat veterans of any branch as well as young soldiers who show potential to be Humanity's next guardians.[5] The physical augmentations of the SPARTAN-IVs, while more advanced than their predecessors, still cannot produce similar results without risk of a high failure rate, due to the lack of genetic requirements.[6] This drawback is reconciled by modifying the individual to the closest margin possible of the two previous SPARTAN programs physical results and then relying on MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN2) armor to enhance the SPARTAN's abilities even more than that of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN1).[7][8]


Sometime prior to the public iteration of the SPARTAN-IV program, the Office of Naval Intelligence's Section Three authorized a top secret, experimental phase of the program, without direct permission from United Nations Space Command High Command. This variation of the program would attempt to produce super-soldiers whose physical prowess rendered MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor obsolete. Only one of the ten candidates, Ilsa Zane, survived the augmentation process. She was considered mentally unstable due to the augmentations and was forced deep within the layers of ONI.[9]

The current SPARTAN-IV Program was commissioned due to the success of the SPARTAN-II and SPARTAN-III Programs. The program was initiated by Rear Admiral Musa Ghanem (SPARTAN-096), a washout of the SPARTAN-II program's augmentation process. Even with his resentment for Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, RADM Ghanem recognized the importance that SPARTANs had in the effort of protecting Humanity, even after the Human-Covenant war.[10] The SPARTAN-IV program was approved by the CICONI ADM Parangosky. At first, CICONI ADR Parangosky wanted Colonel James Ackerson to head the program with Dr. Halsey by his side. However, COL Ackerson died during the aftermath of the Battle of Mare Erythraeum and Dr. Halsey was arrested after returning from Trevelyan.[11] The program was continued by RADM Ghanem and Warrant Officer Jun-A266, a former member of the SPARTAN-III Alpha Company.[3][10]

In addition to the majority of the SPARTAN-IVs being adult volunteers, all remaining SPARTAN-IIIs were offered to be incorporated into the SPARTAN branch.[4] Many of the remaining SPARTAN-IIIs were fitted into the SPARTAN branch, while the rest were moved to non-combatant status.[12] The first class of SPARTAN-IVs consisted of 145 individuals and went active on January 7, 2553.[13] They trained with each other in War Games simulations in order to be constantly prepared for battle. SPARTAN-IVs also train in multiple different forms of martial arts when not active in the War Games simulator.[14] Select SPARTAN-IIs who were thought to be Missing In Action have also participated in their training.[13]

Known Personnel[]


  • An average SPARTAN-IV's ability to leap, dive, and scale surpasses that of the average soldier by a factor of ten or more in standard to heavy conventional gear as stated on page 39 of the spartan field manual.
  • An average SPARTAN-IV in GEN2 MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor can fight on par with an average SPARTAN-II in GEN1 MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor due to the GEN2 armor being more advanced. However, without armor, SPARTAN-IIs are vastly superior to SPARTAN-IVs.[7][21]
  • There were a small fraction of SPARTAN-IVs active before the end of the Human-Covenant war.[22]
  • SPARTAN-IVs are part of a new branch of the UNSCDF, simply called "SPARTAN." The new branch operates independently of the United Nations Space Command Army, United Nations Space Command Navy, United Nations Space Command Air Force, and United Nations Space Command Marine Corps. They are no longer considered assets of the UNSC Navy or ONI.[16][23][24]
  • In addition to being deployed on UNSC Infinity, SPARTAN-IVs are also stationed on ONIRF Trevelyan and Installation 03.[25]
  • Red and Blue SPARTAN-IVs were released in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 4.
  • Instead of being given a number to go with their first name, SPARTAN-IVs are referred to as SPARTAN followed by their last name or full name.
  • Dr. Halsey and Cortana consider SPARTAN-IVs to be inferior to SPARTAN-IIs because they haven't undergone a lifetime of military training and indoctrination.
  • It appears that not all SPARTAN-IVs are under UNSCDF control.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor/BUCCANEER was made by an unknown organization/individual with off-the-shelf parts.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor/CYPHER was being mass produced in 2557, despite the Office of Naval Intelligence believing it to be a pilot program.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor/RAIJIN is created for use by SPARTAN-IVs serving corporate and government interests.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor/TEISHIN is designed for use by paramilitary forces.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor/FOTUS is being used in corporate shadow-wars in Seattle, Washington.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor/SHINOBI was found aboard a derelict freighter.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor FOUCAULT visor is made for paramilitary, security, and military markets.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor DIANTHUS visor was discovered by ONI operatives investigating an arms market on Venezia.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor WILD HUNT visor is designed for combating street gangs, a role typically conducted by local law enforcement and not military special forces.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor SCOUNDREL visor is used by criminals and insurrectionist.
    • MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor PENDRAGON visor is used by private armies.