Halo- Reach - Saber Launching

Sabres launching from the base.

The Sabre Program Launch/Research Range was a UNSC facility on Farkas Lake on the planet Reach. It was used to launch YSS-1000 Sabres. During the Fall of Reach, Noble Team pushed up to the facility to initiate Operation: UPPERCUT.[1] The facility was protected by numerous UNSC Army Troopers and AA Turrets. Despite the defenses, Covenant Elites were able to infiltrate the base and slaughter many of the personnel leaving them and their weapons scattered around the floor.

Fall of Reach

The Sabre Program Facility fell under attack by the Covenant after the Battle of Viery ended and it was revealed that the Covenant strike force was headed by a Covenant CSO-class supercarrier. The reasons for the Covenant's attack on the facility was most likely because the Covenant wanted to capture or destroy the experimental Sabres. When Noble Team arrived at the site to procure the ships the Covenant assault was already underway with Covenant Drop Pods landing and Spirits flying in to deliver Elites, Grunts, and Jackals. Noble team fought their way up the beach to the facility and took care of the remaining Elites before Noble 6 and Jorge boarded a Sabre and launched into space.


  • A B.O.B elite will drop in one of the drop pods.


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