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Samantha Wisner is a Sergeant in the Sedran Colonial Guard.[1]


Early life[]

Samantha was born in 2536 on Sedra, being a child of two financial analysts. Despite the Human-Covenant war, her parents managed to avoid losing everything they owned. Despite this, Samantha joined the Sedran Colonial Guard to escape her controlling parents.[1]

Samantha joined the Sedran Colonial Guard and then served under Colonel Randall Aiken.


After the attack on Sedra, Axl was captured by the Sedran Colonial Guard and Samantha was his interrogator. With the use of a translation device she started questioning him. She started with a nice approach, giving him water. That gained no results, and as such she pushed her pistol to his back, saying that he would be wise to confess, as it isn't his fight. When she's walking out of the room Axl stops her by starting to talk. She's visibily shaken when Axl tells her that the Great Journey is in fact real, and that no one can save her.[2]

Mission to the Alpha Fragment[]

Wisner was part of the joint militia/ONI team sent to destroy deadly deposits found on the fragment of installation 04. She fought alongside the team against Thanolekgolo attack and survived.[3] But later on, while climbing through a crevice, she dropped one of the oxygen breathers, turning it on. She turned back to obtain it whilst Gregory Ramos was waiting for her. Unfortunately, the oxygen breather lured the Thanolekgolo who attacked her and ate her alive.[4]

Later on, the Thanolekgolo took on the form of Wisner in a bold attempt to lure out the other surviving team members. This did not work and they soon broke up the form and devoured smuggler Haisal Wari.[5]



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