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The Ascetics are a group within Sangheili culture charged with enforcing ideological purity and correct interpretation of holy scriptures.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Before the formation of the Covenant the Ascetics were a group of pious Sangheili tasked with defending the purity of their faith. They were dissolved in accordance with the Writ of Union and reconstituted as part of the Ministry of Abnegation under the control of the San'Shyuum, where they remained largely dormant over the proceeding centuries. However the Ascetics were revived during the Great Schism to fight the traitorous San'Shyuum and their Jiralhanae allies.[1]

Ascetics act as the physical and mental embodiment of ideological purity. Their presence is meant to promote feelings of stability and order, as well as instill confidence in those loyal to the State and fear in those who would undermine it; to that end, their actions are swift and their decisions final. Leading by example, their ultimate purpose is to show each Sangheili the true path.[2]

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Sources[edit | edit source]

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