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The Sangheili Personal Energy Shield is the energy shielding system of the Sangheili Combat Harness.[1]

A Sangheili's armor contains multiple energy shield emitters that when activated will add an extra layer of protection from enemy attacks. These personal energy shields are white, unlike their gold MJOLNIR equivalents.


The Elite's armor generates a recharging energy shield (similar to the MJOLNIR shields) that protects against both ballistic fire and plasma weaponry; however, after taking enough damage, the shields will collapse and the Elite will be vulnerable to further attacks. Like MJOLNIR shields, this shield recharges after being depleted and can be enhanced by the Covenant's overshield technology. There appear to be differences in the strength of the shields, and different ranks of Elites have different amounts of power and recharge capacity in their shield. For example, a sniper rifle headshot will kill a Minor Elite, but an Ultra Elite's shield can withstand up to four headshots.


Unlike the Spartan's MJOLNIR shield, the Elite's shields can resist low caliber munitions like that of the assault rifle. Sometimes the bullets bounce off of the Elite's shields, but still cause damage. This is also true with the M6D Pistol, sometimes on harder difficulty levels, if you shoot an Elite with the pistol and don't hit him directly (for example his shoulder), the bullet may bounce off and hit the ceiling. Also, as mentioned above, the Covenant have the ability to create extremely resilient Energy Shields such as the ones featured on Zealots and Ultra Elites, which can even withstand direct hits from an M19 Rocket Launcher.


These shields have weaknesses however, as they are susceptible to damage received from plasma-based weapons. An overcharged shot from a Plasma Pistol, a punch from a SPARTAN-II, or a slash from a Brute Shot or Energy Sword can completely drain an Elite's Energy Shields. The shields can also be completely bypassed by using a needler in Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3. Plasma Rifles are very effective in quickly reducing the Elite personal energy shielding. Additionally, a Plasma Grenade or Spike Grenade will stick to an Elite even if the shield is fully charged. A Pulse Grenade is effective on shields and it can finish off a player or with a headshot from a weapon.




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