The Sangheili Rank Structures are the various hierarchies of ranks the Sangheili use in a their various political and military organizations.

History[edit | edit source]

Kaidons and Arbiters have existed since before the Sangheili became a spacefaring species.[1]

Differences[edit | edit source]

The rank structures differ between organizations. The Covenant Empire features the most ranks for Sangheili as well as the most in-depth ranking system. It features political and military ranks. Jul 'Mdama's Covenant features the second most ranks and is predominately filled with military ranks. A few ranks carry over from the Covenant Empire. The Heretics only have three ranks, two of which carry over from the regular Covenant. Several military and civilian ranks do not adhere strictly to one faction and have existed long before any of these factions existed.

List of Ranks[edit | edit source]

Covenant Empire[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Description
Sangheili High Councilor H2A Render Councilor.png The Sangheili High Councilors share power with the minor San'Shyuum on the High Council. They are one of the highest ranks a Sangheili can achieve. During the Great Schism, they were taken to Delta Halo, where most were murdered by the Jiralhanae, though a few were saved by other Sangheili and two were saved by Thel 'Vadam [2] Only one Sangheili High Councilor is known by name: Soha 'Rolamee. Based on this, Sangheili High Councilors must be required to submit to a certain degree of military participation given 'Rolamee's '-ee' suffix. Identification: Silver armor, large helmet with bronze and steel inner color design.
High Commander
Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree.jpg The Imperial Admiral is the head of the Covenant navy, and by extension, the entire Covenant military. Only one such Sangheili has been known to hold the rank, Xytan 'Jar Wattinree , and it is likely that there is only one at a time.
Supreme Commander Supremecommander.jpg The Supreme Commander is the Covenant commander of a rather large or powerful fleet. In the Halo Graphic Novel, a Supreme Commander is depicted as clad in bright violet armor, with a long cloak that wraps around his shoulders. This particular Supreme Commander, Thel 'Vadam, was a friend and superior to SpecOps Leader Rtas 'Vadumee and would later become the Arbiter of the Covenant. Another Supreme Commander is Luro 'Taralumee of the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence.
Field Marshal HReach - Sangheili Field Marshall.png The Field Marshal rank falls under the Zealot-class, but appears to outrank regular Zealots. Besides leading large-scale ground operations, Field Marshals are known to lead small strike teams composed of Zealot officers. The only appearances of a Field Marshal were during the Fall of Reach. Identification: Maroon/Purple Shade armor.

- Fleet Master
- Field Master
- Shipmaster

HReach - Sangheili Zealot.png Employed by the Ministry of Fervent Intercession,[3] Sangheili Zealots serve as the admirals and generals of the Covenant military; Commanders of Battalions, Ships and Fleets. Field Masters lead armies; Ship Masters command ships; Fleet Masters command armadas. "Zealot" seems to be a general term, applying to all high ranking Sangheili below Imperial Admiral and Sangheili High Councilor. It is also possible that each rank has sub-ranks as well, since the rank of Field Marshal exists, though this is most likely superior to a "standard" Zealot. Identification: Golden (Halo: CE/CEA and Halo 2) or Maroon/Purple armor (Halo: Reach and Halo 4).
Honor Guard Ultra Honor guard Ultra0111.jpg Also known as the Lights of Sanghelios, Honor Guard Ultras are one of the most elite combat units of the Sangheili, named for the cluster of stars near the Sangheili home system, but they, like the regular Honor Guards, were later replaced by the Jiralhanae. They are seen clad in white armor with glowing Honor Guard plates, and wield Energy swords. They are not to be confused with Honor Guard Councilors, which are the creations of a glitch. Identification: Silver and Orange armor.
Sangheili Honor Guardsman Sangheili HG 01.png The Sangheili Honor Guardsmen are one of the personal guards of the High Council, in particular the Prophet Hierarchs, but they were later replaced by the Jiralhanae. They wear ornate, ceremonial red and orange elaborately flanged armor which has a glow to it. Identification: Red, Orange, and Yellow armor.
Special Operations Commander of the Covenant Rtas 'Vadum.jpg The Special Operations Commander of the Covenant appears to be an even higher title than Ship Master (perhaps around the same level as a Field Master or Fleet Master), controlling all Spec Ops within the Covenant and taking missions personally from the San'Shyuum. Also, in Halo 2 and Halo 3, the only Sangheili known to hold this rank is Rtas 'Vadum, who commands a CAS-class assault carrier, a ship usually used by San'Shyuum, showing his high rank. Identification: White or silver armor (Do not be confused with Ultras).
Special Operations Officer Spec ops.jpg Wearing pitch black armor, the Special Operations Officers, also known as commandos, lead Standard Special Operations Sangheili and even Special Operations Unggoy. They possess all of the skills and equipment of their underlings. Identification: Black armor.
Special Operations Sangheili HReach - SpecOps Sangheili.png Special Operations Sangheili are extremely skilled fighters, sent in by the Covenant to accomplish the most dangerous and difficult of missions. They have superior accuracy, fire in longer bursts and have slightly stronger shielding than regular Sangheili. Most notably, SpecOps Sangheili operate in squads, are extremely skilled and are accurate grenade throwers. They are equipped with an Active camouflage system, but rarely use it, except to get into position without being noticed though they have also been known to sometimes operate similarly to Stealth Sanghelli using camo during battle. They can be seen leading Special Operation Unggoy into battle, but only in Halo 2. Identification: Purplish armor in Halo 3, Dark Red armor in Halo: Reach.
Regular Specialists
Stealth Sangheili Hcea stealth sang.png The Stealth Sangheili are the Covenant's assassins and spies, and they use Active Camo technology as their main ability, as the Special Operations Sangheili do. They're often used on ambushes, which, with the help of their active camouflage technology, allow them to take down many enemies. Members of this rank wear unshielded light blue armor or shielded brown armor.
Sangheili Ranger HReach - Ranger Sangheili.png The Rangers are a voluntary group of Sangheili that work in the least forgiving environment of all: vacuum. Their helmets completely encase their heads, protecting them from the vacuum of space. They wear a variant of Sangheili armor optimized for zero-gravity, non-atmosphere combat, similar in appearance to Halo 3's Flight armor permutation. Their armor can be cobalt in color, brighter than that of the Sangheili Minor, or a light gray. They can pose a substantial threat, due to their unique movement options. There are also variants that use their equipment to give them a tactical advantage planet side, flying above and shooting from the air, confusing and demoralizing the enemy, similar to a Yanme'e, but with more firepower and fewer numbers. They are often the security of a Carrier in space. Identification: Cyan armor in Halo 2, Light Grey armor in Halo: Reach, Jet Pack.
Regular Infantry
General HReach - Sangheili General.png The highest-ranking military personnel employed by the Covenant among their groundside forces,[3] this rank has only been observed during the Fall of Reach. They have a heavy amount of shields and an incredible amount of health. Identification: Golden/Orange armor.
Sangheili Ultra HReach - Ultra Sangheili.png These are the Covenant's equivalent of UNSC field officers, they command individual operations, and are identified with predominantly white armor.
Sangheili Major Sangheili Major 01.pngHReach - Officer Sangheili.png This veteran Sangheili warrior holds the ranking equivalent of a UNSC Lieutenant. Overall they are more agile, more accurate and more aggressive than Minor Sangheili and rarely make tactical mistakes in combat. A single Major Sangheili can hold its own against an entire squad of UNSC Marines. They can be seen leading Unggoy and Minor Sangheili into battle.
Sangheili Minor Reach elite minor render.png The most common and least experienced Sangheili, Minor Sangheili are still extremely skilled warriors. They possess shields that are weaker than Sangheili Major's. They are the possible Covenant equivalent of a Sergeant in ranking. Along with Major Sangheili, they often lead squads of Unggoy into battle.

Covenant remnants[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Description
Sangheili Zealot Assassin The Zealot Assassin is a high ranking Sangheili who leads small teams of Zealots into combat.[4]
Sangheili Zealot Storm Zealot.png Cruel and without mercy, the Sangheili Zealot has always been the highest favored within the Covenant Military, although now it has taken a far more central role. As the most fervent adherents to the faith, Sangheili Zealots were often viewed as ruthless warmongers, even within the context of the Covenant, but with the absence of San'Shyuum leadership, the Zealots have shifted into the more practical area of social and political leadership, operating as the consummate head of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. Politics notwithstanding, contemporary Sangheili Zealots still actively participate in combat operations, employing lethal special-operations weapons, equipment and experience in the field. They resemble the Special Operations Sangheili, mainly because of the replacing role of the Special-Operations Sangheili and the use of the weapons, equipment and experience, the Spec-Ops had used in many previous battles. In Halo 4 their armor comes in two colors, the standard dark red color and a deep blue which is wield by Jul 'Mdama and possibly several other high ranking Zealots.
Vehicle Specialists
Sangheili Wraith Captain The Wraith Captain is a Sangheili who is in charge of a Sangheili Wraith type such as the Ultra Wraith.[5]
Regular Infantry
Sangheili Warrior Storm Elite Warrior.png A collection of the most experienced and seasoned Sangheili troops from the previous war now compromise the Sangheili Warrior class, what is effectively an elevated role of nobility within the Covenant military body. Utilizing powerfully reinforced combat harnesses and typically armed with the devastating Fuel Rod Cannon, Sangheili Warriors are one of the most intimidating Covenant units currently in operation, violently engaging enemies with unhinged ferocity and brilliant strategy. They resemble a cross between the Sangheili General and the Jiralhanae War Chieftain.
Sangheili Commander Storm Elite Officer.png The most common leaders on the battlefield are the Sangheili Commanders, operating in tandem with local Sangheili, Kig-Yar, and Unggoy combat squads. These battle-hardened soldiers, most who served the Covenant for decades, provide strategic and tactical prowess in the battlefield. Traditionally, Sangheili Commanders will wear heavier, more elaborate armor sets displaying their heritage skill and honor, wielding weapons like the Concussion Rifle or the Carbine. They resemble a cross between the Sangheili Ultras and Sangheili Officers from Halo: Reach. Their standard color is a deep claret color. Occasionally Sangheili of this rank will wear different shades of green.
Sangheili Ranger 2822041-web preview.png Sangheili Rangers are optimized to engage in combat operations within exotic environments such as space, radioactive sites and other hazardous locations. Within Covenant remnants Sangheili Rangers often operate in standard infantry formations similar to that of the Storm Sangheili, despite the use of extra-vehicular activity equipment, marginally heavier armor and gravity-mitigating thruster packs. This is likely due to a lack of sufficient personnel. The vast majority of military operations that involve deploying Rangers are extravehicular activity engagements, however some Ranger squads are deployed to terrestrial sites where their thruster packs provide a unique advantage against their enemies. They resemble their original Sangheili Rangers and share their armor design with the Unggoy and Kig-Yar Rangers. These Rangers also have a visor face-shield similar to the UNSC's MJOLNIR EVA Armor. In Halo 4 their armor comes in different shades of white, blue, and grey.
Storm Sangheili Storm Sangheili.png An overwhelming number of Sangheili troops currently fall within the Storm Sangheili class. They are effectively the iron heart of the Covenant. Despite their substantial numbers, Storm Sangheili can lead smaller detachments of Unggoy and Kig-Yar, and are in turn led by Sangheili Commanders and even Zealots. Although a Storm Sangheili's armor is simple and sleek, it is more than competent for combat purposes and is typically used in conjunction with a Storm Rifle, or, in some rare cases, a Covenant Carbine. Storm Sangheili armor can come in all colors, but the standard color is blue.

Heretics[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Description
Heretic Leader HereticLeaderPlasmaRifle08.jpg Sesa 'Refumee, the leader of the Heretics. The armor he wears is modified from standard combat harnesses, featuring body pieces with modified shapes and designs in shades of red, lack of helmet, and is upgraded with a Sangheili Ranger's thruster pack. This gave him a unique advantage in combat, but it was not enough for him to defeat the Arbiter, who slew him in the Battle of the Gas Mine.
Heretic Sangheili Major HereticEliteCarbine.jpg Work as commanders of the Heretic Unggoy and Heretic Sangheili Minors. They wear gold-colored Heretic armor, and are equipped with Covenant Carbines and Sentinel Beams. A select few wield Energy Swords. While not so skilled in the Energy Swords use as Sangheili Honor Guards, Sangheili High Councilors, Zealots or even Ultras, they are quite dangerous due to their crafty flanking maneuvering and teamwork with other Heretics.
Heretic Sangheili Minor Elite Hereje Menor.png Group commanders of the Heretic Unggoy. They wear brown Heretic armor, and wield Covenant Carbines, and occasionally, Sentinel Beams. They are excellent shots, far superior to normal Sangheili Minors. They are also skilled Banshee pilots, and fly in pairs, amplifying their effectiveness.

Other Ranks[edit | edit source]

Rank Image Description
Arbiter The Arbiter.png In times of an extraordinary crisis, the High Council bestows the rank of the Arbiter on a single Sangheili.[6] The most notable Arbiters are the ones of the Unggoy Rebellion, the Battle of Jericho VII, Taming of the Lekgolo, Ripa 'Moramee, and most notable of all, Thel 'Vadam, the Arbiter who stopped the Heretics on the Gas Mine and then aided the UNSC and Covenant Separatists in the Great Schism. The armor of the Arbiter is an ancient version of the current Sangheili harness, which has primitive active camouflage that only last for a variably short period of time. The San'Shyuum have also used the position of Arbiter to send those due to be executed unceremoniously on so-called "suicide missions" so that they can regain some of their lost honor and die a glorious death in battle, such as the case of Thel 'Vadam.
Kaidon Thel 2558.png Kaidons are leaders of particular States on Sanghelios, and the heads of their Lineages. They are advised by a council of Elders, and are selected by this council. They may also serve in the Covenant military, though Kaidon does not appear to be a military rank in itself.[7]
Oracle Master Oracle Masters are apparently advisers to the High Council and to the High San'Shyuum, specializing in intelligence gathering and religious advice to high ranking San'Shyuum and the Sangheili Sangheili High Councilors.[citation needed] They seem to be few in number, as only one has ever been mentioned. Their name can be considered linked to the Monitor's of Installations, known to the Covenant as Oracles, perhaps metaphorically suggesting their level of intellect on par with that of an Oracle. Little beyond this limited information and speculation is known of the rank.
Aristocrat The Aristocrats are important members of Sangheili society, allowed to wield Energy Swords.[citation needed] They are unable to marry, but allowed to mate with any female, married or unmarried, to "pass on the genes of sword fighting and the nobility."[8]
Ossoona Ossoona is a special rank of Sangheili that are meant to be spies and are not properly equipped for heavy combat, instead meant for information gathering on human weapons and military data. They are also referred to as the "Eyes of the San'Shyuum," because "at times the Sangheili had an unfortunate tendency to destroy everything in their path, leaving very little for their analysts to analyse."[9] One of the major items of information the Ossoonas were tasked with discovering was the location of Earth.[9] It is a temporary rank only granted to those who have attained at least the rank of Major, the reason being that a Minor's lack of experience could cause them to be compromised (i.e. detected).[citation needed] It is not given to Sangheili of higher rank because they are considered too valuable and would rather engage in combat.[citation needed]
Sangheili Ascetics AsceticArmor.png The Ascetics are a special group of Sangheili made to ensure stability and purity. The Ascetic armor has been made to inflict a psychological fear by the use of special elements in the armor, such as the two "tusks" protruding from the helmet and bright, glowing orange eyes. They do not appear in the games apart from an armor permutation in Halo 3.
Commando Commando is a Sangheili rank that was first observed during the Battle of Installation 04.[citation needed] It is a branch of the Special Warfare Group based upon pre-contact ground forces. Commando Sangheili possess hardened communication gear and up-link capable equipment that an ordinary Sangheili wouldn't have access to. Their armor is streamlined for better maneuverability in close encounters. The armor is lightweight and advanced internal equipment increase the overall effectiveness of an individual Sangheili making them more deadly.
Prison Guards They appear to serve as the security in a Sangheili prison.[10]
Weapons Master Weapons Masters are Sangheili engineers who maintain and improve equipment used by the Covenant.[citation needed]

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