Sargasso was a human colony world settled by the Unified Earth Government in the 26th Century.[1]


SPARTAN II KidnappingsEdit

In 2517, at least one of its citizens, Daisy, was kidnapped by Dr. Halsey as a candidate for the SPARTAN-II program.[1] Daisy was replaced with a flash clone to cover up her disappearance. She eventually escaped custody and returned to Sargasso to resume her civilian life, only to learn of the flash clone who had replaced her. Having lost all hope of resuming her previous life, Daisy returned to the UNSC to become a supersoldier.[1]

Human-Covenant WarEdit

Main article: Battle of Sargasso

Sargasso was attacked by the Covenant in 2546,[2] and its ultimate fate is unknown, although it is assumed that the planet was partially glassed during or after the battle. This battle was also the first time humanity had seen the Spectre.[2]


Sargasso was a lush tropical world where humanity was able to prosper peacefully with nature.[1] It hosted several large metropolises and therefore seems to have a substantial population.[1]

Known ResidentsEdit


  • Sargasso is likely named after the Sargasso Sea, a region in the center of the North Atlantic Ocean.



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