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The Scorpion missile is a type of explosive ordnance used by the United Nations Space Command. These weapons are commonly mounted on the UNSC's AV-19 SkyHawk jets and Longsword fighters for use in combat against the Covenant. They are equipped with motion tracking systems and proximity detonators that greatly increase their chances of crippling or destroying a target. They are also able to attain high cruising speeds and are very accurate, thanks to their advanced guidance systems, which quickly locate and lock onto a target.

Operational HistoryEdit

During the Fall of Reach, Colonel James Ackerson dispatched a SkyHawk fighter to attack SPARTAN John-117 and Cortana while the pair were on a testing run, in an effort to kill these threats to Ackerson's success. The SkyHawk launched a Scorpion missile at the Spartan, but it failed to kill him, as John-117 literally swatted the missile away with his energy shielded arm, a unique improvisation on the part of the Master Chief, made possible only by the aid of Cortana.


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