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Sector 0-5, or Section 0-5,[1] is a large Sector of Old Mombasa. Liberty Street, a large neighborhood, is part of Sector 0-5, although it is unknown how much of the sector is Liberty Street.[2]


At the beginning of the Battle of Mombasa, a half-hearted defense including a M247 General Purpose Machine Gun was set up in Sector 0-5, but was overwhelmed by Covenant ground forces. Shortly afterward, the Pelican carrying John-117, Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson, and several other Marines was shot down by a marauding Scarab and crashed in Sector 0-5. They quickly overtook the Covenant controlling the area and held off several attacking waves of Covenant, culminating in battling a Hunter pair.[3] Meanwhile, another Pelican carrying Sergeant Stacker, Lance Corporal Jones and Privates Butkus, Walpole, and O'Brien crashed and they battled Covenant forces and set up a stronghold in Hotel Zanzibar.[4]



The New Mombasa Transit Authority has an office set up in Sector 0-5.[1] It is unknown to what extent they operate within the Sector though.

Emergency Services[]

The NMPD had a police station in the courtyard near where the Pelican that carried John-117 and Avery Johnson crashed.[1]

Waste Management[]

The New Mombasa Waste Management sets up the dumpsters in the Sector.[1]


Sector 0-5 has a robust economy, featuring various business. Some smaller scale businesses like Hotel Zanzibar[3] and the Voi Theater[2] operate within the Sector. Large interstellar companies also have offices in the sector too, such as Vyrant Telecom and Nomolos Refining.[1]




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