Sedra is an outer colony in the Orrichon system.[1]


Sedra survived the horrors of the war relatively undamaged.[1]

Post-War EraEdit

On February 7, 2556, a bioweapon was used in an attack on Sedra.[2] The bioweapon was then linked back to the remains of Installation 04 that had unexpectedly appeared in a nearby system.[3]


The central defense force of Sedra was the Sedran Colonial Guard.[4] The planet's colonial government tries to maintain close links to the UNSC in order to get any sort of military equipment. Their current arsenal is relatively good when comparing them to the more advanced UNSC.[4]

Physical AspectsEdit


Known ResidentsEdit

Born OnEdit

These were people born on Sedra.

Resided OnlyEdit

These were the people who were born on other planets, but lived on Sedra for an extended period of time.




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