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The Flood Seeder Infector is a small aerial Flood form encountered on the Ark in 2559.[1]


The Flood Seeder Infector is a small flood form that is encountered in the Halo Wars 2 DLC, Awakening the Nightmare. It can move through the air at a decent speed but can only fire it's main bone shooting attack when it is stationary. It's secondary and more lethal attack is the ability to hijack small aircraft units and turn them against the player.

Tactics Edit

The Flood Seeder Infector is only available in the Awakening the Nightmare DLC of Halo Wars 2 and can therefore only be fought with Banished units. The best way to combat seeder infectors and protect the rest of your army from them is to train Reavers, the Banished main anit-air unit.

Due to their extremely powerful secondary ability, it is inevitable that you will lose some of your own aircraft to the seeder infectors. To minimise this however, you should train multiple Engineers to not only support and heal your Banshees but also your Reavers.


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