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Seongnam (성남), also known as Songnam, is a city in the Kyonggi Province, part of the Earth nation of Korea. Due to its convenient location near Seoul, the South Korean capital, it is a largely residential city with a population similar to other satellite cities, such as Goyang and Gwacheon. Its most heavily occupied sector is the Bundang district, which is home to a huge number of multi-skyscraper apartment complexes that are also common in other major Korean cities. The Bundang district serves as Seongnam's heart and provides the rest of the city with the Bundang subway line, which extends into Seoul.

United Nations Space CommandEdit

In 2552, John-117's new MJOLNIR Mark VI armor was shipped to Cairo Station from the Special Warfare Center near Seongnam. It is a possibility that the new armor was constructed there, due to the fall of the ONI facilities on Reach. Maria-062 tested the Mark VI's armor against a squad of ODSTs in Seongnam, with paintball, before it was delivered to Cairo Station.[1] The Mark VI Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/C variant was tested here as well. A university here also aided in the development of the Booster Frame.



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