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Serina (SN: SNA 1292-4), was a second generation AI[1] construct assigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire, a modified Phoenix-class colony ship. Serina was a military advisory smart AI.[2][3]



Created by Daedalia Technology, she was first activated on January 7, 2530. She was considered the greatest work of the time by the company. She was then assigned to the Spirit of Fire.[1]


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Shield World[]

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Losing the Slipspace Drive[]

Serina, knowing the crew of the Spirit of Fire may be on a one-way trip, manufactured and delivered fake emails from family members to the crew celebrating Valentine's Day. No one ever suspected her of this deception.[4]


At some point during the Spirit's drift, Serina deactivated herself per rampancy protocols. Thus the Spirit was left without an AI until the discovery of Isabel.[5] Once Isabel was brought aboard, much of Serina's work continued to be used and was built upon by her.[1]


She has a very sarcastic and detached nature. She frequently seems to disregard the lives of others, even her own ship's crew - such as when the Spirit of Fire is slowly being pulled inside the Shield World - almost always responding to their peril with some curious remark or dark joke.

Her avatar was a young female with long hair and a lab coat. She spoke with an English accent. Beneath all her sarcastic comments and seemingly uncaring attitude, she turned out to be kinder than she seems.[4] Serina had an interest in human relationships and chocolate.[6]


Halo Wars 2[]

Serina is a DLC Leader in Halo Wars 2.[7]



  • Serina's only human memory is "kissing a boy."
  • After completing Halo Wars on Legendary, Serina will say, "Captain, wake up; something has happened."


Concept Art[]

Halo Wars[]



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