Below are quotes from Serina.

Halo WarsEdit

  • "Aye sir. Crazy mystery trip to Arcadia plotted in, spinning up FTL drive."
  • "So...we left a note saying we're leaving, right?"
  • "Well, this is new...and scary." (Upon seeing the Flood)
  • "Recalling surface squads so we can all die together. Aye, sir!"
  • "The MAC is online and primed. Payback time!"
  • "Expecting trouble, Captain?"
  • "Standard orbit achieved, all systems normal."
  • "So...nothing too difficult, then?"
  • "Here are some reinforcements, play nice.
  • " I the only one freaked out by the fact that we're inside the planet?"
  • "Well, it'll be pretty obvious if he succeeds."


Main article: Escape
  • "Captain, the exit passage has been sealed. Our escape is blocked."
  • "Based on Anders' observations, the alien technology will only react to human touch. Any other alien life nearby will lock the system."
  • "Covenant forces will be at Forge's position in approximately ten minutes."
  • "Captain, the gravity field from the sun is expanding. We're not going anywhere."
  • "Threading a needle while accelerating around an exploding star inside a planet that's falling apart? Sure, why not?"
  • "Closing your eyes might help, too."
  • "Captain, wake up. Something has happened."