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“Bungie is a studio built first and foremost on the strengths and abilities of its people. They use the best technology and the best talent in the industry, assembled together in the best place, to create compelling games, stories and worlds. With all these pieces in place, Bungie can concentrate on its ultimate goal...”
— The Bungie Creed

A mock up of the contract

The Seven Steps to World Domination was in a documentary on the history of Bungie available in the Halo 3 Legendary Edition.


Step 1

Start independent gaming software company.


Step 2

Dominate Mac platform: Launch assault on Windows platform.


Step 3

Announce killer gaming title.

This was shown as Bungie trying to give a good name to what would eventually become Halo: Combat Evolved.

Names included:

  • The Crystal Palace
  • Covenant - to which Paul Russel described as sounding like a "bad 80s' Hair Band."
  • Resonance
  • Pulse
  • Red Shift
  • Flare
  • Aquarius
  • And others (unreadable)

COMPLETED: Summer 2000

Step 4

Acquire strangely addictive Chinese food company.

STATUS: Complete (Halo 3 Legendary Edition disc)

Step 5

Recover Ling Ling's head.

“With all the things we left behind in Chicago, I think that Ling Ling should have been one of them.”
— A Bungie Employee Statement

Ling Ling was a severed dog's head in a jar. One of the Bungie employees at the Chicago office stated that it belonged to a roommate who was a medical student. When the roommate moved out, he left the head behind. Ling Ling's head is stored in a fridge/cabinet marked "Warning, Ling Ling inside".

Ling Ling is known for the sentence which is often shown on bungie.net saying, "We'll be finding Ling Ling's head!"

STATUS: Complete

Step 6

Stage bloody coup of new parent company.

Talks about Bungie's move from the Chicago Office. The Bungie coat of arms is shown, it is an arm stretching out with a lightning bolt with the words "Don't make us kick your ass" written in Latin around it.

COMPLETED: October 2, 2007

Step 7

Take over world, shoot enemies into the sun with giant slingshot.

Unfinished, leading members claim to "plan their schemes" everyday.



  • The fourth step is likely referenced by an easter egg found in Halo 3.
  • The 7 Steps To World Domination can be found in the Tribute Room on the level The Package in Halo: Reach.
  • Ling-Ling is the name for a custom class, in Halo: Reach firefight mode.