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A Ship Director is the primary artificial intelligence tasked with the administration of a Human Starship's operations. They can direct personnel on the authority of the Captain. They are traditionally treated like a living member of the crew. On UNSC Starships, these AI were often "smart."[1]

List of Ship DirectorsEdit

AI Ship(s)
Aine UNSC Infinity
Chauncey UNSC Red Horse
Cortana UNSC Pillar of Autumn
Cromwell UNSC Melbourne's Pride
FitzGibbon UNSC Prophecy
Isabel UNSC Spirit of Fire
Loki UNSC Skidbladnir
Lorelei CMA Season of Plenty
Melissa UNSC Apocalypso
Mo Ye UNSC The Heart of Midlothian
Rebecca UNSC Red Horse
Roland UNSC Infinity
Sekmet UNSC Everest
Serina UNSC Spirit of Fire
Vesta UNSC Abstract Endurance
Watchmaker UNSC Gorgon


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