The Shotgun Spree medal resembles three turquoise and gold slugs sitting on top of a four pointed steel star; it is awarded to individuals after killing 5 opponents in a row without dying with a shotgun on multiplayer matchmaking, Firefight, or Campaign. Melees with the shotgun do not count toward the medal. The Shotgun Spree medal is the first of the shotgun spree medals. This medal can be awarded on any gametype containing a shotgun.

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  • The easiest playlist to earn the Shotgun Spree medal is Living Dead as all the opponents wield energy swords requiring them to come into close range to infect the individual. This allows players to kill the zombies with reletive ease with a shotgun, given to all humans, as they stream through to infect the player.


  • It is not possible to achieve this medal with melee using the shotgun. The player must fire the weapon and kill the opponents to earn the medal.