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The Shroud is a Covenant vehicle mainly used by The Banished.


The Shroud is an older Covenant vehicle, given new life by the Banished army's salvaging efforts.

Its Special Ability is a temporary cloaking field to hide itself and any nearby vehicles nearby from optical confirmation. In the case of an enemy attack, the aircraft uses a form of hard-kill counter laser system to protect either itself or any allied forces from incoming missiles and shells, but not bullets or energy weapons.

The Shroud is known for being very difficult to pilot and maneuver on its own, with tinkering by the Banished making its absurdly complex subsystems even less reliable than they were. In spite of this, Atriox spares no expense of maintaining his stock of Shrouds in his army.[1]


The Shroud is a non-combative support unit that has the ability to cloak itself and nearby units and defend against projectiles.[2]

  • Resources: 550
  • Minimum Tech Level: 2
  • Population Count: 4
  • Power: 0