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The Siege of Paris IV was an engagement between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Empire on the UEG colony world of Paris IV in the Paris system. It took place in 2549.[3]


According to the Office of Naval Intelligence, the then-Sergeant Avery Johnson and his Marines had captured a crate of Plasma grenades and held off the Covenant forces at the main evacuation complex long enough for the evacuation ships to leave and get into orbit.[3]

However, the Covenant did shoot down many shuttles in the process. They glassed the city of Mimir and some of the surrounding area including a highway clogged with civilians and their vehicles. Molly Patel, her mother Brigid, and her father Gotam managed to escape much of the direct glassing in a tunnel at Cochineal Pass. Despite this, Gotam and Brigid would die in a car crash.[4]


Following the battle, much of the UNSC would pull out of the system. Molly Patel would later be rescued by Sergeant Johnson and several Marines. She would be one of very few people to survive the glassing of the planet, leaving the media to dub her "the miracle child".[5]

Sergeant Johnson[]

The Plasma Grenades Johnson had captured exposed him to a deadly amount of radiation but he survived, ostensibly contracting Boren's Syndrome. Johnson received a Commendation for Bravery during the mission.[3]

Note that Boren's Syndrome is actually a fictional disease, fabricated by ONI to cover up Johnson's augmentations from the ORION Project.[6]