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Sig Raan was a female Kig-Yar Scientist, affiliated with the Covenant. She had operated a secret research facility on Otraak.


Early LifeEdit

A Covenant scientist during the Human-Covenant War, and at one occasion worked and fought along with Decimus on the Battle of Algolis. Because of his influence, she would later join The Banished as one of their primary scientists. However, this was not the primary reason why she joined the The Banished. As she had joined the Banished because her work was often times deemed unholy and therefore useless by the San 'Shyuum during her Covenant days. Hence, she thought if she would join The Banished her work will not be interfered with.[1]

Life as a Banished scientistEdit

As The Banished won many battles and had recruited a vast number of troops. Decimus wanted Sig Raan to work on military technology for them. Hence, he and his Jiralhanae pack traveled to the planet Otraak.  However, as Decimus visited and entered her laboratory he met resistance as Sig Raan's Unggoy guards opened fire on him at the front gate. The resistanced continued until Sig Raan noticed him and told her guards to stop. She then allowed Decimus and his troops to go inside of her laboratory. And as Decimus met with Sig Raan he offered her a permanent position in The Banished ranks and that she will reap great rewards from it. However, instead of accepting she showed Decimus her new invention.[1]

Fighting with DecimusEdit

She explained to Decimus that her device copied the sound waves of a Yanme'e Queen. With this all Yanme'e in her vicinity think of Sig Raan as their queen. This allows her to control dozens of Yanme'e. As she finished her explanation she immediately blocked off communications between outside and the inside of the laboratory. Doing this, she then order all of the Yanme'e to open fire at Decimus. Decimus quickly counterattacked and defended himself and his pack. During the fighting, she cowardly ordered a Yanme'e to carry her to put her out of harm's way.[1]


To her surprise, Atriox had anticipated her rebellion and was waiting for her. He then joined the battle and crushed all of her Yanme'e. Atriox then told his pack to open fire on the Yanme'e carrying her. As the Yanme'e was shot dead, Sig Raan fell to her death.[1]



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