The Silent Shadow were a Covenant special forces group comprised primarily of Sangheili that fought during the Human-Covenant War.

Specifications and OrganizationEdit

The Silent Shadow is a branch of the Covenant's Special Operations group, specializing in assassinations and other tasks. They are generally led in squads led by a First Blade Officer. Individuals in the Silent Shadow wield specialized Energy Sword called the Bloodblade. They are also equipped with Carbines and Active camouflage. Individuals involved wear Red armor with Blue visors, with First Blade Officers showing Bright Red Visors.

The Silent Shadow fought in several special missions with objectives focused on guerrilla warfare during the Human-Covenant War such as assassination and extraction missions to sabotage the UNSC’s war effort. Few to no records exist about their missions, a sign of their very high success rate.

History Edit

Human-Covenant War Edit

However, one mission in particular is known. During an operation by their SPARTAN-III counterparts, the Headhunters, on an unknown Covenant-held moon, a squad of Silent Shadow operatives ambushed the Spartans and killed Roland-B210 before surrounding his wingman Jonah-B283 with the two sides exchanged taunts and with Jonah mocking the Silent Shadow’s mission to kill him and Roland. The Silent Shadow explained how they would torture him and how he would “scream his secrets to the stars” before proceeding to move in and force Jonah to move back and deploy an Energy Disruptor, disabling the SangheilisEnergy Shields and Active camouflage and allowing the Spartan to pepper one of the surrounding Elites, shots merely bouncing off of his helmet but breaking his visor.The Elite then angrily ordered “take him” and the squad closed in on him,Jonah attempted to engage the Elites but was apprehended by the squad’s First Blade Officer.

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