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Silhouette Sword is a rendering glitch that affects the Energy Sword in Halo 2 and Halo 3. The glitch renders the Energy Sword invisible, save for the faint shimmer that usually envelops it.

Halo 2[]

Silhouette Sword FPS

First-person view of a Silhouette Sword being used (nothing happens)

Silhouette Sword TPS

Third-person view of a Silhouette Sword being used.

Closeup on Silhouette Sword

Closeup on the Silhouette Sword, notice the disrupted, but still visible "forks."

To perform the glitch, follow these steps.

  1. Obtain the Blind Skull to use its effect.
  2. Obtain an Energy Sword.
  3. Switch to your secondary weapon and then back to the Energy Sword.

Halo 3[]

To perform the glitch, follow these steps.

  1. Obtain a usable Energy Sword and a secondary weapon.
  2. Execute the Alert carry trick on your secondary weapon.
  3. Switch back to your Energy Sword.
    • OR enable Blind Skull.


If performed correctly, on the player’s screen only, the Energy Sword’s basic image will be replaced by a ghostly, active aura. In Halo 3, when attacking any target that does not turn the Reticle red, the sword will materialize, but the swiping animation of the sword on the player’s screen will be canceled. When the player attacks allies with this trick, they "mysteriously drop dead."

Usually, a faint shimmer can be seen with the Sword. The glitch causes the Sword to vanish, but leaves the shimmer untouched.

Also, in Halo 2 campaign levels involving the Arbiter, when wielding an empty Energy Sword and activating Active Camouflage, a sword shimmer outline can be seen.