Sinoviet Center was a building located in downtown New Alexandria, Reach, owned by Sinoviet Heavy Machinery.[1]


During the evacuation of the city, several UNSC Army troopers reported it as the location of a Covenant communications jammer to Catherine-B320 before being abruptly cut off. SPARTAN-B312 arrived at the center, finding all but one of the troopers of 7 Delta 19 dead, and the survivor having a nervous breakdown. Noble Six then found and destroyed the jammer but was quickly attacked by a swarm of Yanme'e. Kat, realizing it was a trap, ordered Noble Six to immediately evacuate the center.[1]


A partially exposed lobby exists part way up the building. In this lobby exists elevators as well as a hologram for a Paris-class heavy frigate. At the top of the building exists an Asian styled lounge/park like area.[1]


  • It is possible to fly your falcon into the lobby area outside the elevator making it easy to take out the brutes and jackels defending it. To fly in, you have to fly through the rings near the elevator or by flying the falcon through the archway area at the landing bay (it can be a bit difficult, but helps if you're trying to do it on legendary)
  • Sinoviet Center is also the location of the multiplayer map Reflection.




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