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The Skull/Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary are game-modifiers that are featured in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary with the appearance of a human skull. Like in Halo 3, they must be hunted down within the campaign levels to gain access to them. Unlike in past Halo titles, skulls in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary cannot be picked up and used as melee weapons. Like Terminals, the skulls are not visible in Classic Mode.[1]

List of skulls

Iron Skull

This skull is exactly the same as its Halo 3 counterpart: Dying in co-op forces all players to restart at the last saved checkpoint, while dying in solo play forces the player to restart the entire level.[2]

This skull can be located in the very beginning of the level Pillar of Autumn . As soon as you are able to move freely in the Cryo room, walk to the back of the room towards the two large barrels to your left. The skull will be behind these barrels.

Iron Skull location video here

Mythic Skull

Mythic gives all Covenant AI twice the health, while also giving all Sentinels energy shields.

This skull can be found in the level Halo near the very beginning. Once you have crash landed and are informed to take cover before the Covenant dropship arrives, walk towards the small lake in the area that the waterfall deposits into. Within this lake, the skull can be found behind one of the many rocks (specifically, a rock positioned along the shoreline, next to the waterfall).[2]

Mythic Skull location video here

Boom Skull

Once the skull is activated, explosion radius will increase x2.[1]

This skull is located on the mission "Halo," right after you first get the warthog. Instead of going downhill to enter the Forerunner cave, go right until you are above the cave. The Skull will be on one of the cliff ledges.

Boom Skull location video here

Foreign Skull

Makes it so players will be unable to pick up or use Covenant weapons.

Located on The Truth and Reconciliation, in the room with the 2nd set of hunters. Go through the doors the hunters normally come through, and the skull will be on the ground to your left.

Note: It is possible to rush through the doors and grab the skull before the hunters are dead.

Additional Note: If playing on Heroic or Legendary, they will be the 3rd set (counting the group before the gravity-lift).

Foreign Skull location video here

Famine Skull

Acts like the other Famine Skulls. Weapon drops have less ammo (specifically they drop half the ammunition or charge they otherwise would have given).[2]

The skull is located on The Silent Cartographer. Once you land on the beach, turn around and walk until you see a mesa with a winding path up to the top. It is under the structure containing the security control room where the crashed Pelican appears later. The skull is at the very top and on the farthest edge of the mesa. It is surrounded by three bushes.

Famine Skull location video here

Bandanna Skull

Supplies infinite ammo and grenades for weapons in the campaign.

This skull is located on The Silent Cartographer. The skull is on the "roof" of the pathway with windows leading to the security control room. It is by far one of the hardest skulls to obtain and can be done so with several methods.

  1. Once in the security control room, go out to the right ledge and grenade jump or propel yourself using a rocket launcher up to the platform. The skull is at the end. This is done easier with two players, as one player may jump on top of the other, throw a plasma grenade on to the second player's shoulder, and do a grenade jump as thus.
  2. Another two player alternative is to park a warthog in the entrance to the hallway outside the room and stay in the driver's seat while the second player commits suicide; there is a chance he will respawn over the first player, immediately grabbing the skull.
  3. Another method to getting the skull is to Crouch-jump in the window sills of the hallway that contain no glass in them. The Second player then commits suicide and may spawn on top of the hallway to collect the skull.
  4. An easier method is to drive the warthog into the window sill close enough to the corner with just enough room left for a player to crouch jump onto. Stop whenever the front wheels are sticking out of the window. The First Player will then proceed to Crouch-jump onto the sill while the Second Player will then commit suicide. The player will likely spawn on the front of the warthog instead of falling off the edge to where they then crouch jump onto the platform and can claim the skull.

Bandanna Skull location video here

Fog Skull

Fog, like its predecessors in previous installments, disables the motion tracker.[2]

This skull is found on Assault on the Control Room. The room is right after your first elevator ride, and the room itself has a column in the center with steam rising within it. There are several ways to obtain it.

  1. Grenade jump to a large platform that will allow you to jump directly into the little room up above the steam vent.
  2. Another way is to first clear the room of all enemies, then leave the room and obtain the warthog. Next, drive back to the door, as close as you can with the warthog. To open the door, leave the vehicle till it opens, then quickly get back into the vehicle and drive into the building. Drive to the tallest pillar, and drive up the slanted wall so that the vehicles nose is above the window and sitting steady. Climb onto the nose and do a tuck jump up to the pillar. Players can do a crouch jump onto the pillar when playing cooperatively by standing on a players head.

Fog Skull location video here

Malfunction Skull

Once the skull is activated, one random part of the HUD will disappear at every respawn.[1]

On Assault on the Control Room. Once you get the tank, you will head down to an underground room with two bridges, one of which is destroyed. to the left of the destroyed bridge, there's a pipe that extends out to the chasm depths. The skull is at the end of this pipe.

Malfunction Skull location video here

Recession Skull

Every shot is worth twice the ammo, therefore taking only half as long to empty out a weapon.[2]

This skull can be found on 343 Guilty Spark. As soon as the Pelican drops you off at the beginning of the level, turn around and run until you reach the wall at the edge of the level. Once there, turn right and follow the wall around the edge of the level. Eventually you will reach a small grove with two trees and some shrubs. Nestled between the two trees is the Recession Skull.

Recession Skull location video here

Black Eye Skull

Like previous installments, using this skull causes your shields to only recharge by performing melee attacks on enemies.[2]

Located in The Library. Once you clear out the enemies in the first room (before you enter the room with the index hovering above you) grenade jump onto the block closest to the flood spawning tubes. Another method would be to stand on a player's head and crouch jump on the corner of the block. The black eye skull will be in the right spawning tube.

Black Eye Skull location video here

Eye Patch Skull

Auto Aim Features are disabled for all weapons.[2]

This skull is found on The Library. Once you get to the index, instead of going towards it, walk around it. The skull will be in-between blocks that stick out of the floor in plain sight.

Eye Patch Skull location video here

Piñata Skull

Punching Enemies will make grenades drop.

This skull can be found on the level Two Betrayals. Just before you disrupt the third relay, fly onto the plateau where the Wraiths were in Assault on the Control Room, above where you exited the underground tunnel. You will find the skull behind one of the walls there.

Piñata Skull location video here

Grunt Birthday Party Skull

Once the skull is activated, the Unggoy's heads will explode in a shower of confetti with a headshot and the sound effect of cheering children can be heard.[1]

It is found on the Level The Maw, in the part of the Warthog ride where Echo 419 crashes. The skull can be obtained by placing the Warthog next to the beam-like structure on the upper right. Jump onto the vehicle and then crouch jump onto the platform where the skull is located.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull location video here

Grunt Funeral Skull

Once the skull has been activated, every Grunt's methane tank will explode similar to a plasma grenade when killed. This skull will only be available to those who pre-order the game.[3]

All Grunts' dead bodies will no longer stay on the battlefield once killed, including ones that are on the map representing previous conflict.


  • It's possible the Bandanna Skull is a reference to the videogame series Metal Gear Solid. In those games, a potentially unlockable item is a bandanna which supplies infinite ammo; similar to the skull's effect. Another possible reference is to the Rambo series, starring Sylvester Stallone, who frequently donned a bandana while gunning down enemies, seemingly with unlimited ammunition.
  • The Famine Skull is the only Skull in the selection list that has no teeth.
  • The Foreign Skull's description "Covenant Weapons: How do they work?" is a reference to the meme "f**king magnets: how do they work?[1]." The meme came from the Insane Clown Posse rap "Miracles."
  • The Black Eye Skull's left eye is blacked out due to the skull having a black eye.