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Skyline, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 490-2,[1] is a multiplayer map in Halo 4. It was released as part of the Majestic map pack on February 25, 2013.[2]


Skyline: Combat analysts agree…

The rooftop terrain on this new space tether construction site is an ideal training environment for close-quarters infantry combat. This map, perched high above the sights of reconstruction in Cascade’s capital city, is small and symmetrical, perfect for Regicide with a mixture of high and low spaces and plenty of cover. Don’t think cover means you’re safe, however – this map holds explosive fuel cells that can and will wreak havoc in Skyline’s confined spaces, not to mention the long, long drop if you misstep.[3]


Skyline is a symmetrical map. There is an angled platform that goes towards the vista of Mindoro that splits off into the center of the map and towards the other gate. There are stairs that lead onto a lower platform. Towards each end where the spawns are, is a staircase that leads up to each gate/spawn. On the right of each spawn is a path that leads to another staircase that can go down to the lower level. The rest of the upper path heads to the opposite gate or to the center platform. The upper paths are both connected to another pathways that go parallel to the center platform. This center platform has a pillar right in the middle of it. The platform can be reached to by man cannons on either side. Right under the main platform is a z-shaped hallway that connects either half of the lower level.


These are the weapons that individually spawn through initial drops or specific weapons in randomly timed drops.

Image Location
H4 plasmagrenade trans Plasma Grenades: Two grenades spawn from drops on top of the center cover pieces of the lower level on either side of the center platform.
H4 needler trans Needler: Right near the Plasma Grenades on the upper platform that leads from the upper platform by the vista and back. It can be found on either side of the center platform. One more spawns on either side of the vista or the side of the wall near the set of stairs, at random times. Even more spawn at random times at the bottom of the staircases right behind a pillar on the lower level.
H4 detonator trans Sticky Detonator: One spawns on either side of the center platform, at the bottom of the path that leads directly to it.
H4 railgun trans Railgun: One spawns right beside the Sticky Detonator at random times.
H4 shotgun trans Shotgun: Two random timed spawns in the z-shaped hall under the center platform. An extra one always spawns as an initial drop.
H4 sword trans Energy Sword: One spawns randomly at either gate on the other side of a small wall.


  • In Skyline, a Patrol AV-14 Hornet is seen in the outskirts of the map
  • On the Construction Wallpaper, it is branded as "Lethbridge Industrial." Lethbridge is a city in Alberta, Canada.
  • Skyline was the last map used for the Finale of the Halo 4 Global Championship.
  • The various signs on the walls show that the floor the player is on is the 512th floor in area A06. This makes it at least two to three times as high as the current modern day skyscrapers.
  • The 512th floor could be a reference to the area code, 512, of Austin, Texas, home of Rooster Teeth Productions and Certain Affinity, whom have made various maps for many of the Halo games.



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