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A Slipspace Anomaly is an unusual event that occurs in Slipspace. Several abnormal Slipspace behaviors fall under the term Slipspace anomaly. A Slipspace anomaly, however, is very rare, and can put a craft's ability to transition safely into jeopardy.

Time-Space RipEdit

One slipspace anomaly occurred in 2552, in which a Forerunner artifact carried by the UNSC Apocalypso created a giant rip in both realspace in Lunar orbit and in slipspace. The rip acted as a portal between the years 2552 and 2004, and both the UNSC Orbital Defense Platform Nassau Station[1] and part of the Apocalypso's shipboard AI Melissa were sent back through it. In addition, all communications within the Sol system were silenced for over seven seconds. When the artifact was deactivated several weeks later, the rip closed and the AI was rejoined in 2552; the Nassau Station was back by the Battle of Earth.

However, due to this event only occurring twice (One Confirmed Non Canon Incident within the Dead or Alive Universe and another probably Non Canon case used by the I love bees Market Campaign for Halo 2) it is Logical to consider this Anomaly Non Canon.

Space BubbleEdit

The Crystal found at Reach also created a Slipspace anomaly, which caused the ship the artifact was in, as well as all surrounding ships to be in an anomalous Slipspace dimension when transitioned into Slipspace. One could fire their weaponry in this sub-dimension, but Covenant ships could not recharge their shields. Shots fired did not obey the standard laws of physics and instead disappeared and reappeared in different locations until they hit something. There was also fog present in the bubble, instead of the black nothingness of normal Slipspace.


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