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Soha 'Rolamee was an Aristocrat and member of the Council of Masters in the Covenant.


Soha 'Rolamee outranked the Special Operations Sangheili Zuka 'Zamamee by two full ranks.[1] He was a member of the Council of Masters in the Fleet of Particular Justice.

In the 9th Age of Reclamation, 'Rolamee was one of the members of the Council that were on Installation 04 when the UNSC Pillar of Autumn crashed on it. He used the Truth and Reconciliation as his office, but was still apparently subordinate to the San'Shyuum Council member, the Prophet of Stewardship, who was also there.

'Rolamee was present when Zuka 'Zamamee went to the Coucil to request approval to hunt John-117. When 'Zamamee explains that his target is a serious threat, 'Rolamee backs him up, emphasizing the fact that Spartans are stronger than normal humans, can sustain much more damage and show greater combat and tactical skills, noting that where ever Spartans appear, human rally and fight with a renewed vigor.

At first, despite 'Rolamee support, the Council was hesitant and refused to allow it, and 'Rolamme was the one to annouce the refusal to 'Zamamee; but after John-117 had raided the very same vessel, killing hundreds of Covenant troops and rescuing the valuable prisoner, Captain Keyes, 'Rolamee then told 'Zamamee that the Council had granted his request.[2]

When the Flood was discovered, 'Rolamee apparently took charge of ensuring that they were contained. When these attempts failed and the Flood began spreading uncontrollably throughout the Ring, the minor San'Shyuum had 'Rolamee beheaded and showed his head to Zuka 'Zamamee as "the price of failure."[3]


  • 'Rolamee may not have been a Sangheili High Councilor at all; his swift execution without trial shows that Aristocrat may be below Sangheili High Councilor. Plus, 'Rolamee was two full levels above Zuka 'Zamamee, which is either Honor Guard or Ultra.
  • When 'Rolamee annouces to 'Zamamee that his resquest is denied, he tries to soften the blow by showing a great deal of respect: he inquires about 'Zamamee's wounds and healing; he stands at Zamamee's arrival, as to reduce the social gap between them; and he calls 'Zamamee a "too precious asset" to justify the Council's refusal, a term 'Zamamee knew he made-up.



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