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This article is about the class of warship. For the Covenant's Keyship, see Anodyne Spirit.

This world shall be the birthplace for an invasion fleet beyond imagining!
Prophet of Regret to Ripa 'Moramee about Shield 0459 and the stored Sojourners[2]

The Sojourner Dreadnought[3][1] was a type of capital warship used by the Forerunner Navy.

Class History[]

Forerunner-Flood war[]

Main article: Forerunner-Flood war

The Sojourner was introduced just prior to the Forerunner's containment efforts against the Flood. They would participate in all major engagements of the war. Only a handful survived the war. Some finished assembly after the Halo Array fired, but lay dormant without any organic users or ancilla to use them.[1]

Human-Covenant war[]

During the Human-Covenant war in 2531, the High Prophet of Regret and the Arbiter went to the Apex to gather a massive and powerful invasion fleet for the Covenant Navy. In order to release the locking mechanisms holding the ships in place, they needed a Reclaimer.[2] Thus, they abducted Professor Anders and physically forced her to activate the ships for them.[4] The ships were destroyed when the artificial star inside the Shield World went supernova.[5]


Formation & Tactics[]

One particular formation was a combat trident; two of the Sojourners with a Battle station.[1] Sometimes Sojourners and battle stations were stored together in this formation.[4][6]

As the war went on, a new formation grew in use; 10 Sojourners and a battle station arranged into lattices.[1]

In at least one instance, the battle station was situated in the center of a circular group of eight ships that concentrated their energy beams into the battle station, which then formed a devastating single beam capable of slicing other ships in two.[6]


  • Parts of these ships can be seen on the outer surface of Shield 0459 in Halo Wars, suggesting that a battle may have occurred between the Forerunners and the Flood on the Shield World during the Forerunner-Flood war, resulting in the installation's infestation by the Flood.[7]
  • These ships have a slight resemblance to some large structures found on the Ark.[8]
  • When the cutscene "Judgment Day" is highlighted in Halo Wars theater, the ships are described as Forerunner dreadnoughts. While the only remaining Keyship is widely referred to as the Forerunner dreadnought, the name "Dreadnought" may refer to a class of ships rather than a specific type. It may also be that "Dreadnought" is not an official designation at all, and that the term is simply used to describe the massive scale of the ships.
  • These ships are also seen in Halo Legends episode Origins Part One.