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The Sol system, otherwise referred to by UNSC personnel and Humans alike as the Solar System, is the home star system for Humans. The system's G-class star is named Sol, hence the system's name.


Early Interstellar[]

Prior to the Interplanetary War, many different military actions were taken by the United Nations on the communist Koslovics and the fascist Friedens. The Jovian Moons campaign took place at the Jovian Moons, and the Rainforest Wars in Earth's jungles began to take place.[2] Following these two events, Luna was the site of the Battle of Delambre,[3] and Mars saw military action in the Argyre Planitia Campaign. After this, full scale war took hold across the Sol system.[2]

In 2362, the first interstellar colony ship, the Odyssey,[2] left the Sol system for the Epsilon Eridani system.[4]

Covenant Arrival[]

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On October 20, 2552, Io Station detected 15 Covenant ships, heading straight for Earth. Soon after, the Fleet of Sacred Consecration arrived and ignited the Battle of Earth.[5]


  • Mercury - Mercury is home to Antimatter production as well as solar research.[6]
  • Venus - A failed terraforming project took place on Venus.[7]
  • Earth - The Human/UNSC Headquarters (HQ)/Homeworld.
  • Mars - A major site of the Interplanetary War and later during the Human-Covenant war it was the site of the Battle of Mare Erythraeum. Has been terraformed to have an Earth-like climate.
  • Jupiter - A gas giant, Jupiter is the largest planet in the Sol System.
  • Saturn - A gas giant known for its clearly visible surrounding rings, unlike the other gas giants whose rings are rather dim. Saturn is the second largest planet in the Sol System. Its practical uses to the UNSC are limited, and therefore it is mostly just a tourist destination.[8] It is alsothe site of Helium-3 mining and research habitats.[6]
    • Titan - An industrial colony.[6]
    • Castallaneta
  • Uranus - An icy gas giant about twice as far away as Saturn from Sol. Its distance from Sol makes it of little use to the UNSC. However, the 2011 QF99 exclusion zone is around the planet.[6]
  • Neptune - Furthest away from Sol, it is another icy gas giant similar to Uranus.
  • Pluto - The Pluto Slipstream Monitoring Station Democritus is stationed in orbit around it. On November 3, 2552, the Monitoring Station detected Cortana's signal in slipspace with Dr. Halsey's message to Lord Hood.
  • Shaw Institute Facility - Deep space observatory.[6]



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