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Sometimes Sinks, or often referred to as Sinks, was a Huragok used on the Covenant ship Pious Inquisitor.[2]


Sometimes Sinks was a rather rebellious Huragok for the species, first aboard an unspecified Jiralhanae ship, and after being removed from that due to 'noncompliance',[3] was paired to a Sangheili vessel named Pious Inquisitor. This ship would prove to be his only calling to fame as Staffan Sentzke, an angry, Insurrectionist father of Spartan Naomi-010 planning to lay his revenge on Earth, purchases the warship for his plans.

He was able to manage survival after being salvaged from the wreckage of an unnamed ship by a Kig-Yar scavenger named Sav Fel, while holding onto his last breaths in the vacuum of space. After being saved by this weapons dealer, Sinks was kept on the ship. Little converse occurred between him and Fel, if not due to the lack in interest the absolute barrier of language. Only when Fel gave the orbital bombardment a run on Forerunner ruins for a potential buyer did Sinks bother to interfere. With shrieks and attempts to technologically prevent him from using the ship's weapons he gave an attempt to stop the glassing, but a large portion of Shaps 3's ruins were demolished.

After Sentzke took control of the ship, he renamed it Naomi, after his abducted daughter he attempted to avenge. It was soon that he and Sinks became good friends. In their relationship Sentzke mostly allowed him to do as he liked while maintaining the plasma beams and the general condition of the vessel, calling in every 8 hours as a precaution. It wasn't too long before Sentzke was dragged in by the Kilo-Five team for his irrefutable hatred of Earth and plotting to glass one of its many major cities. In the meantime, Chol Von was attempting to commandeer the ship to help establish a Kig-Yar alliance.

This was thwarted by Sinks through a complete lock-down. As an irrational last effort, Chol and her crew attempted to self-destruct the ship. Sinks was able to evacuate the doomed ship and escape with Sentzke and himself on a Spirit outfitted with a slip-space engine of his own handiwork. Both were further presumed dead by the Kilo-Five team.



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