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This topic appears in the TV series. For information about the game version, see Soren-066.

Soren-066 is a morally complex privateer at the fringes of human civilization. His fate naturally brings him into conflict with his former military masters and his old friend, the Master Chief.


Soren was raised in the Spartan program alongside John-117, and they were close friends. Soren lost his arm during one of Dr. Halsey's experiments, which contributed to his realization of the programming inflicted onto them by the UNSC. He became self-aware and began to dream of a life without police, laws, responsibilities, and government.


He convinced John to defect from the Spartan program with him, but on the night they were meant to escape, John changed his mind. He threatened to shoot Soren if he left, but Soren appealed to what little emotion John still had. John faked that his weapon is defective and gave Soren a five minute head start before he awakened the entire camp. Those five minutes barely gave Soren enough time to escape, and he spent months on the run being gun downed by the UNSC. He survived off beetles and bark, hiding in the shadows until the UNSC stopped searching for him. He made his way to the unauthorized colony of Rubble, where he began to experience the world around him in a different way. He removed his hormonal pellet and met his wife, Laera, and they had a son named Kessler. Soren also became a vital leader of the people, with the residents referring to him as "the boss".[1]

Reconnecting with Master Chief

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Master Chief takes Kwan to the planet of Rubble, where he reunites with his former Spartan friend Soren, who defected from the program 22 years ago. While he's met with resistance from the people of Rubble, Soren is forgiving and takes John in, allowing him to come into his home where his wife and child live. Soren and John slowly reconnect despite the secrets that John keeps from him, and the animosity that Soren still holds for John only giving him five-minutes to escape the Spartan training center. John meets Kessler, Soren's son, and is surprised as he thought the treatments that the UNSC gives them made it impossible for them to procreate. Soren jabs that he still calls them treatments, though Laela reminds Soren that John might still view them as such. Soren explains that the hormone pellet in the Spartan's back prohibits them from feeling the world fully, experiencing emotions, taste, and even procreation. Once he removed the pellet he experienced the world for the first time. That night, Kessler gives John a stamp of a smiley face as it's his way of saying that they can count on each other.

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The next day, Soren convinces John to show him the artifact in the case, and John reveals that he found it on Madrigal during the Covenant attack that orphaned Kwan. She explains how the object powered Master Chief's ship and lit up by his touch. Soren grabs the object but he doesn't react to his touch, surprising Kwan who insists it worked before. Soren takes them and the object to see a Covenant abduction survivor, Reth, who knows about Covenant artifacts.

Reth examines the artifact that John and Soren bring him. He explains that the Covenant's whole religion is based on objects like this. They are things from another time, things that were left behind. They roam the galaxy looking for pieces or clues. While Reth was a guest, they asked to see if he could activate them, but he could not, as he's not a Blessed One. He tries again with the artifact but fails to activate it. A Blessed One is a human, but more so. They have an obligation, a responsibility, a moral imperative. John asks what it can do, with Reth ensuring that John doesn't want to help the Covenant destroy the human race. He then grabs the object and swings it at John, making the Spartan grab the object. He activates the object and it sends out a blue energy wave that fills the refuge. A symbol appears on the artifact and a ring of symbols around it. As the electricity crackles, John is mesmerized by the artifact and experiences memories of his childhood once more. He returns the artifact to the box after the visions pass. Reth questions who John is as he can bring it to life but is different than the one the Covenant has. He realizes that John doesn't know what he is, mentioning it's in his eyes. John, overcome with anger, slams Reth into the gate as he demands to know what he is. Reth explains that the ring John made appear is what the Covenant wants. It's a door to the end of life as they know it, a weapon. Reth asks John if he felt the darkness and he did. That means John can stop it by destroying the artifact and then himself.

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John promptly leaves the cell followed by Soren and Kwan. John is returning to the UNSC despite both his companions' protests. He needs the other Spartans, but Soren thinks he's running back to Halsey as he always does when there's a problem. John's seen what the Covenant does to planets by turning planets into glass, and if they're going after something bigger he doesn't have a choice. He makes Soren promise to look after Kwan, who is upset to see him leave and have another choice taken from her. He apologizes as this was the best he could do.[1]

Protecting Kwan

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Soren continues his duties as the leader of The Rubble, distributing food supplies throughout the planet, though he takes more than he gives. His people notice the slight but don't speak out against him. Kwan, having seen the broadcasts by Vinsher Grath, confronts Soren and demands her return to Madrigal so can join the resistance and fight for the freedom her father wanted. Soren refuses, and when Kwan calls him an asshole, he doesn't crush her skull as a courtesy to John. She follows his command that she return home. That night, Kwan tries to hotwire a ship using the knowledge she gained from Master Chief, but fails. Soren reveals that these ships aren't like the UNSC's, threatening to kill her for trying to steal his ship. She instead convinces Soren to help her get to Madrigal safely, and once she's there and safe with the insurrectionists, she will pay him a great sum of money from her family trust. Kwan and Soren leave The Rubble for Madrigal to join the fight against Grath.[2]

As they navigate Madrigal City, Soren and Kwan learn more of the iron grip Vinsher has over the people, including the projections of the bounty for her life. Kwan attends a memorial service for her father that his former generals hold, learning that the insurrectionists she expected to find have caved to Vinsher's fear, with the citizens resigning to the protection the UNSC offers against the Covenant. The insurrectionists have disbanded, with no funds left to inspire people to fight. Those that weren't made an example of by Vinsher were bribed into servitude or new alliances. Vinsher and his men ambush the memorial and kill several of the attendees, while Soren and Kwan escape.

By morning, they can't leave Madrigal as Soren's ship has been dismantled by scrappers. As he looks for another way off the planet, Kwan wants to reunite with her aunt, Soojin Ha. Soren finds a man on a motorbike and promptly hijacks it along with the man's cloaks. Kwan is ambushed by a hired bounty hunter who kills Soojin. Soren arrives just in time to save Kwan. As they attempt to outrun the bounty hunter and hoard of fighters, Soren uses his stolen motorbike to ride out of the city.[3]

Once in the Okjungdong Basin, the bike dies and a grumbling Soren loathes his current position and misfortune. She is insistent they return to lead the fight against Vinsher. Soren refuses her offer as they need to leave the planet and get her to safety, per his promise to John and her deal to pay him. Kwan persist so he handcuffs her to the bike so she won't run-off while he searches for another way off the planet. Soren returns but doesn't see Kwan, believing she's run off again. Kwan emerges from her hiding place in the sand and users a taser against him, rendering him unconscious. She steals his gun and aims it at him.[4]


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