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Spaceport[1] is a live-action short film for the Remember Reach advertisement campaign. It shows a child named Gabe as he says goodbye to his mother, who is shipping out.[2]


July 23, 2552

2057 Hours

Planet Reach

A couple and their young son are walking through the Manassas Spaceport. The mother is towing a small suitcase. They stop at the terminal.

  • Gabe: "I don't want you to go."

The mother sets down her suitcase and turns to look at Gabe.

  • Mother: "Okay, but I have to."
  • Gabe: "Why?"

The mother bends down and looks Gabe in the eye.

  • Mother: "Because the company needs me to."

She begins zipping up Gabe's jacket for him.

  • Mother: "I'll tell you what, if you're a good boy, and take care of daddy for me... I'll bring you back a present, okay?"

The camera shifts to the father, who looks up sadly. The mother strokes Gabe's head.

  • Mother: "It's only three days, Gabe. I'll be back in no time."

She kisses Gabe on the forehead, and straightens up to kiss her husband as well.

  • Mother: "I'll talk to you every night before you go to bed, okay?"

The mother turns around and walks through the terminal. She turns and looks back before leaving. On the board over her head, we can see that several flights have been cancelled.

  • Announcer: "Attention! The following flights have been cancelled..."

We see the sun disappearing behind the planet Reach.