The TurboGen Independent Wheel Drive Spade[1] was a civilian flatbed truck that was used by some of the settlers on the human colony world of Reach.[2] The truck was named after a herbivore species native to Reach.[3]

Class HistoryEdit

The city of Casbah on Tribute used at least one Spade. It was in service at Casbah Station during the Battle of Tribute.[4]

Noble Team utilized some of these vehicles during the Fall of Reach.[5][6][7][8][2]

The Spade continued to be used by teams attempting to deglass planets in the Post-war era.[3]


The Spade shares many parts and characteristics with the M12 Force Application Vehicle.[3]


Halo: ReachEdit

The Spade can be driven in two levels in Halo: Reach: in Winter Contingency and in Tip of the Spear. In Winter Contingency, Jorge-052 can climb onto the rear flatbed and convert his gun into a mounted turret making the Spade very similar to the Warthog.

Halo 4Edit

In Halo 4, the Spade can be seen on the Majestic DLC map Landfall as a set piece inside the garage. The player cannot drive it, however the cabin area can be entered if crouched.



Concept ArtEdit



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